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  • Column : Good but not good enough

    Thursday 29 Dec '11As investors start their holidays after a tumultuous year in global markets, there’s only one thing they can count on in 2012.
  • Column : What’s next for emerging markets?

    Monday 08 Aug '11After last week’s dramatic rout in global markets, investors are now facing a new, and disquieting environment in which long-held verities have been stood on their head.
  • Lost opportunity at the IMF

    Thursday 21 Jul '11It’s payback time at the International Monetary Fund. On July 12, early in her second week as IMF managing director, the former French finance minister Christine Lagarde announced senior management jobs for the US and China as a reward for their support for her candidacy over that of Mexican central bank governor Agustin Carstens.
  • Column: Meltdown fears exaggerated

    Monday 27 Jun '11That permabear Nouriel Roubini is back in the headlines with his prediction of a “perfect storm” threatening global growth is hardly a surprise.
  • Column : End of QE could benefit BRICs

    Monday 18 Apr '11The big question facing global markets is how investors will react to the impact of the exit from quantitative easing by the US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank.
  • Column : Lessons from a Chinese pig farmer

    Wednesday 02 Mar '11While finance minister Pranab Mukherjee is welcome to cheer the recent drop in food inflation to 9.3%, Indian policy makers have yet to formulate a coherent strategy to address the issue.
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