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  • He tried his best

    Tuesday 01 Oct '13But Manmohan Singh will leave the Pakistan relationship in greater flux than he found it.
  • Pivot to America

    Monday 21 Jan '13Obama’s second term may be about recognising the limits to US power in a changing world
  • Column : The ball is in India’s court

    Thursday 08 Nov '12Official Delhi, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, was quick to welcome the election of Barack Obama for a second term as the US President.
  • Packaging a China model

    Tuesday 10 Apr '12The logic of economic growth finally impinges on India-Pakistan relations
  • Great Game in the east

    Thursday 01 Dec '11India needs to craft a more energetic policy towards Myanmar
  • Column : A chance to reboot India’s Pak policy

    Tuesday 03 May '11The execution of Osama bin Laden by the US forces last night puts the Pakistan Army on the defensive, allows Washington to redefine the strategic calculus of General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, and provides an opportunity for India to reimagine the peace process in the Subcontinent.
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  • Relentless advocate of a powerful India

    Thursday 03 Feb '11K Subrahmanyam, who shaped India’s national security polices for more than four decades, has passed away. He was 82. Subrahmanyam advised all prime ministers starting from Indira Gandhi on foreign and defence policies and had a decisive impact on India’s nuclear strategy and national security management.
  • China’s stapled visa unstaples its stand on Arunachal

    Monday 17 Jan '11China’s recent decision to give stapled visas to Indian citizens from Arunachal Pradesh has raised intriguing questions about a possible change for the better in Beijing’s approach to the territorial dispute with India in the eastern sector.
  • Obama, India and triangulating Pak

    Tuesday 09 Nov '10Addressing India’s aspirations for a seat at the global high table and its deep concerns about cross-border terrorism, US President Barack Obama told Parliament on Monday that he “looks forward” to Delhi’s permanent membership of a reformed United Nations Security Council and declared that terror networks on Pakistani soil are “unacceptable”. While Obama’s endorsement of Delhi’s permanent membership of the UNSC can’t be translated into reality any time soon, his promise to press the “Pakistan leadership to bring Mumbai attackers to justice,” is of more immediate consequence for India.
  • Day 1: Obama keeps focus on terror, trade

    Sunday 07 Nov '10Launching his passage to India in Mumbai today, US President Barack Obama praised the city's resilience against relentless terror, paid tributes to the apostle of non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi, cut commercial deals that will generate thousands of jobs in the US, outlined steps to liberalise high-technology trade and promised to fully integrate India into global non-proliferation clubs.
  • China goes beyond Pak, will build rail line to Iran

    Wednesday 08 Sep '10As the US steps up the effort to isolate Tehran, China is penetrating deeper into the Iranian plateau. This weekend, Beijing will unveil plans to build new rail corridor that will eventually link China to the Mediterranean Sea through Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.
  • People’s Liberation Army readies for power projection far from China

    Wednesday 18 Aug '10As the delayed annual review of Chinese military power by the Pentagon draws the attention of defence planners across Asia, India’s challenge is about coming to terms with the growing power projection capabilities of the People’s Liberation Army.
  • China plans rail link to Pak via Karakoram

    Wednesday 07 Jul '10After bringing a rail line close to the Indian border with Tibet, China is now gearing to push a rail link across the Karakorams into Pakistan through the Gilgit-Baltistan region that is part of the original state of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • NSA to work out new political template for Sino-Indian ties

    Friday 02 Jul '10National security adviser, Shivshankar Menon, is heading to Beijing this weekend to explore the prospects for a more...
  • Column : Towards a multipolar Asia

    Friday 20 Feb '09When the U.S. State Department Spokesman, Robert Wood, announced at aWashington press conference last week his boss Hillary Clinton's four-nation foray into Asia...
  • Column : Rearranging the hyphens

    Friday 23 Jan '09As it nervously watches the prospect of a ‘re-hyphenation’ with Islamabad under the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama, New Delhi should devote some attention to the danger of Washington ‘de-hyphenating’ India from China in its Asia policy.