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  • The ten demandments of workplace

    Monday 31 Mar '14At the workplace, certain skills can determine one’s ability to perform effectively
  • Is customer the king?

    Monday 14 Oct '13Management students need to understand why customer-centricity is becoming a corporate buzzword
  • Balancing work and life

    Monday 15 Apr '13Maxine McKew, an award-winning journalist, says in Jack Welch’s book, Winning: “Let me tell you what I gave up. I wanted my career. And so I never had children.”
  • Managing upwards

    Monday 20 Aug '12You don’t have to like or admire your boss, nor do you have to hate him. You do have to manage him, however, so that he becomes your resource for achievement and personal success.
  • Managing your personal brand

    Monday 14 May '12What does it take to have people take you seriously, be receptive to your ideas, supportive of your strategy, and in general be positively disposed towards you?
  • The art of influencing people

    Monday 16 Apr '12Haven’t we all encountered situations where we’ve hoped that the boss would sanction an additional resource, a peer would support the proposed technology, or the team would implement the new application seamlessly?
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  • Myths about training

    Monday 05 Mar '12Stakeholders tend to look upon training with some scepticism, often questioning its effectiveness and return on investment...
  • The power of networking

    Monday 06 Feb '12Consider this. A fresh graduate lands up with a plum job, whereas his equally qualified colleague struggles for placement.
  • The art of people management

    Monday 14 Nov '11CLC Learning and Development research points to the fact that 75% of managers believe that employee development is an integral component of their jobs, but less than half are effective at developing their direct reports.
  • Self development

    Monday 05 Sep '11The success criteria for talent management in any organisation is the availability of the right people, with the right skills and knowledge, at the right time, for the right job.
  • The art of effective business writing

    Monday 01 Aug '11Designing a message that gets you the desired response from an audience burdened with information overload is a blend of science and art.
  • From campus to workplace...

    Monday 06 Jun '11The threshold to the workplace is undoubtedly one of the most exciting stepping stones in life. It is a transition that is all pervasive and touches every sphere of life.
  • Do you need a mentor?

    Monday 02 May '11A mentor can be an important catalyst for career development.