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  • Column : Opportunity forgone

    Saturday 12 Mar '11Those who earn income above a threshold must pay income taxes. Taxes are not fees. Fees involve quid pro quo. They are paid for specific services. There is no such quid pro quo for taxes.
  • Will political uncertainty hurt investments?

    Friday 11 Mar '11Life is full of uncertainty. Any business factors this in, especially if hedging and risk-mitigation instruments exist.
  • Column : Alarmist commerce ministry

    Thursday 10 Mar '11The commerce ministry has produced a strategy paper for doubling exports in the next three years. This involves a doubling of exports from $225 billion in 2010-11 to $450 billion in 2013-14, implying a compound annual average rate of growth of 26%.
  • Ordinary defence of an extraordinary man

    Sunday 20 Feb '11There is a Binayak Sen whose selfless work as a doctor among backward tribals in Chhattisgarh is recognised, appreciated and applauded. There is a Binayak Sen whose work on human rights, apropos Salwa Judum and People’s Union for Civil Liberties is also recognised.
  • Column : 50 black, 50 white

    Wednesday 09 Feb '11Everyone is interested in black money now, especially black money stashed away abroad. There seem to be five reasons behind this renewed interest in black money.
  • Column : Concentrating on the wrong issue

    Wednesday 02 Feb '11There has been talk of oligarchic capitalism developing in India, driven by some papers written on the subject. The Economist, in its January 27 issue, has an article on it citing some of these subjects.
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  • Column : China in our backyard

    Saturday 15 Jan '11The mid-term appraisal of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan gives annual average real rates of GSDP growth for the states, actual figures for the Tenth Plan and expectations for the Eleventh Plan.
  • Column : The CEA distorts price signals

    Wednesday 05 Jan '11Inflation is clearly an issue, more than the government had expected initially. Government spokespersons had earlier talked about inflation of 6% by December 2010, later pushed back to March 2011.
  • Column : Inclusion and lower growth

    Monday 03 Jan '11Stagflation is hardly an expression that can be used in India. After all, when final GDP figures for 2010-11 are available, the economy will have grown at close to 9%.
  • Food for thought

    Sunday 12 Dec '10The mid-year analysis of the economy for 2010-11 has just been published by the finance ministry.
  • Electing corruption

    Tuesday 23 Nov '10It is, almost axiomatically, assumed that India’s corruption is linked to the high costs involved in conducting elections. If the cost is around Rs 8,000 crore a year, this money has to be recovered from somewhere, and what better place than to take it from industrial projects?
  • Look, India in ruins

    Friday 19 Nov '10Why is there no outrage at the state of our infrastructure?
  • Column : A comptroller needed

    Friday 19 Nov '10CAG’s office celebrated 150 years and a commemorative postage stamp was released. But in a pedantic sense, 150 years isn’t true.
  • Shovelling away

    Tuesday 16 Nov '10The World Bank has just brought out a volume titled India’s Employment Challenge, Creating Jobs, Helping Workers. Indian labour markets are segmented; they are segmented geographically.
  • Column : The preaching and the practice

    Tuesday 09 Nov '10The US economy is in trouble. Growth is sputtering. Unemployment is high. Given debt and taxes, further fiscal stimuli are difficult.
  • Let’s roll the dice

    Saturday 30 Oct '10Western legal regimes sometimes draw a distinction between gambling and gaming. Gambling is the act of betting on a...
  • By the cruellest month

    Wednesday 27 Oct '10Why are we stuck with April 1 to March 31 as the fiscal year?
  • Column : Noblesse does not always oblige

    Wednesday 13 Oct '10Maurice Allais, the only one from France to win a Nobel Prize in Economics in 1988, died the day the 2010 Nobel Prize was announced. Peter Diamond, Dale Mortensen and Christopher Pissarides have won the 2010 Prize for their work on efficient functioning of labour markets.
  • Column : Not bad for a poor performer

    Tuesday 12 Oct '10Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom of the World for 2010 has just been published. Several such cross-country indices float around.
  • Want more medals? Raise GDP

    Wednesday 06 Oct '10Jacques Rogge, International Olympic Committee President, was interviewed.
  • Column : Where’s the privacy Bill?

    Tuesday 28 Sep '10The Cabinet has approved the National Identification Authority of India Bill and it is expected to be placed before Parliament in the Winter Session. Before reacting, it is still a Bill. It will be referred to a Standing Committee, then passed by both Houses, then receive President’s assent and then be notified.
  • Column : Dependent on directors

    Wednesday 15 Sep '10The Companies Act of 1956 has been amended several times. But it needs complete overhaul. There were abortive attempts in 1993, 1997 and 2003.
  • Do Bigha Zamin

    Monday 13 Sep '10Our thinking on land issues is dangerously muddled
  • Column : When green is more red than amber

    Wednesday 01 Sep '10The Chinese have a problem. They are ageing fast and one-child policy hasn’t helped. Such an adverse demographic shift, where a country greys before it becomes rich, has serious socio-economic consequences.
  • Column : Solve the land issue by decentralising

    Thursday 19 Aug '10Factor markets have generally been untouched by reforms and these are typically in the Concurrent list. Forests, various aspects of labour and education are some instances.