Mercedes-AMG Project One: This hybrid will go from 0-200 kmph in 6 earth shattering seconds!

The hybrid hypercar club just got a new member and it's a Rs 20 crore Mercedes-AMG!

By: | Updated: September 12, 2017 3:09 PM

The Mercedes-AMG Project One, the fourth member of the hybrid hypercar club, was designed ground up to make a statement. It's a little bit of a mandate, especially when the other members of the club include the McLaren P1, the Porsche P18 and of course the Ferrari La Ferrari (the last of which was sold recently for a whopping 8.5 million euros in Italy). To start off with it check all the right boxes, it makes over a 1000 bhp and it can go from standing still to 200 kmph in 6 seconds. If that’s not enough for perspective, if a Skoda Octavia RS and the Project One take off together, when the Octavia hits the 100kmph  mark the project one will push the envelope north of 250 kmph! And this is Mercedes’s first official hyper car and they build this, absolutely bonkers!

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Since that’s clearly not going to do, there are three electric motors that make 161bhp. One linked to the crankshaft, and one each for each front wheel. The front motors are capable of independent acceleration and braking, which means that the torque vectoring will be physics defying. They also collect regenerative energy and send it back to the Li-Ion battery. What’s more is the Project One is capable of 25 km in Polar bear mode, which switches of the electric motor completely.

We have no doubt that the multi-link suspension at the front and the rear, utilising adjustable coil overs. And Formula One style push spring struts. Adhesion comes from a set of monstrous Michelin Pilot Sports Cup 2, translating to 285/35/19 at the front, and 335/30/20 at the rear. The inside has been kept deliberately minimalistic, with a pair of racing style seats built up from the carbon fibre monocoque. The driver will take control from an F1 style rectangular steering unit. Strangely Mercedes-AMG is yet to quote what the exact power output, just saying it’s over 1000 bhp. Although they’ve been pretty expletive on the retail price which is 2.4 million pounds (about Rs 20 crore)!!

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    Sep 12, 2017 at 6:21 pm
    nice looks nd ratios! tre-mendous speed..onnwwaaaooonnoo..