Hyundai’s sub-4 meter Brezza challenger, might get a 1.0-litre turbocharged engine

Hyundai’s sub-4 meter compact SUV will make it to the Indian Market in 2019

By: | Updated: August 28, 2017 12:22 PM


Turbocharging used to be the tool for the mentally unhinged to extract even more out of their gas-burner, but that is no more than a figment of a road left behind. Today manufacturers have taken the weaponized technology and used it fuel their eco-friendly fuel efficient (read: boring) ventures. In the news today, as Hyundai has shelved immediate electric plans, and announced that their upcoming compact SUV will have a turbocharged 1litre unit.

Now we aren’t sure about the nomenclature that Hyundai will ultimately adopt for the “orange” sub-4 meter concept that they showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo, but it is likely that the C-Suv will be largely based on this concept. Now if we are to draw parallels it is possible that Hyundai could use a retuned version of the 998cc three-cylinder motor, in either the 100 hp or 120 hp tune. Internationally, the motor is available with a 5 and 6-speed manual. Although we suspect that the upcoming Compact SUV will get the 6-speed gearbox and a 5-speed AMT that Hyundai is developing for their upcoming small car. *cough* Santro *cough*.We also expect that the lower tune 100hp might also be dropped so that the Compact can now take on the likes of the upcoming Tata Nexon and Ecosport.

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We don’t expect Hyundai’s sub-meter to hit showrooms anywhere before 2019, which leaves one thinking as to how much this newly spawned segment will grow until Hyundai have their contender ready. Considering that by then the Nexon and the new Ecosport would’ve carved out their respective niches and there might also be a new-generation Brezza.

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