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Shinmin Bali

  • Loans TVC, IDFC, loan products, Banking Nibhao, HDFC Life campaign, BFSI category, Sprite
    Straight talk with IDFC

    IDFC is out with another cheeky campaign striking a blow to the often serious toned BFSI ads

  • Nissan, Datsun, Jerome Saigot, Cochin,  Nissan Connect platform, Nissan Micra Fashion Edition, ICC Champions Trophy, Datsun Experience Zone
    ‘We are a baby in the Indian market’

    Nissan and Datsun aren’t terribly old in India; since their launch, the two car brands from the Nissan Motor India stable have distinctly targeted two different customer sets. While for Nissan, the focus is on tier I and metros, Datsun is looking to make deeper inroads into the heart of the country. Jerome Saigot of Nissan Motor India speaks with BrandWagon’s Shinmin Bali on the small town push for Datsun, the 2020 aim and becoming an ‘accessible’ brand.

  • marketing, Google India, insurance category, Wasim Akram, gen Z, automobiles, personal care, furniture, travel, leisure, hospitality, entertainment
    The ‘grey’ area of marketing

    Millennials might bring in repeat purchases for brands, but it is the older generation that has heavier wallets and higher brand loyalty. Then why do marketers often give the elderly a miss?

  • mattress industry, branded mattresses industry, branded mattresses market demand
    A springier bounce for branded mattresses

    As consumers slowly become more willing to try branded mattresses, given that it is a cost-sensitive proposition, long-standing traditional players in the category are reimagining themselves

  • Terry Savage, Terry Savage interview, interview of Terry Savage, who is Terry Savage, Terry Savage brandwagon
    ‘The Cannes Lions model will never be replicated’: Terry Savage, Chairman, Cannes Lions

    Since November, 2017, Cannes Lions has been in the news for two things. One, Terry Savage is moving on from his role at the Festival after a 33 year-term. Two, the Festival has announced a series of changes it plans on bringing in — a start towards the Festival of tomorrow that Cannes Lions is looking to be.

  • review corner, fomo, bms gain, movie ticket counter, bookmyshow, ad film, brandwagon
    Playing on FOMO, BMS gains

    Dialling up the fear of missing out factor that plagues the current youth generation, BookMyShow presents itself funny side up for the audience’s benefit.

  • Protection against condom ads?

    MIB’s directive last month about a ban on airing condom ads (with sexually explicit content) on TV during daytime received mixed reactions from all
    sections of societies, bringing with it a debate on ‘sanskaar’, restricting creative liberty and even the issue of population control.
    BrandWagon speaks with four stakeholders to get a sense of what has prompted these reactions.

  • Newsmakers 2017

    BrandWagon handpicks some of the big-bang developments that made headlines this year

  • pizza, foodie, Pizza Huts, Domino’s, KPMG’s India’s Food Service Industry, restaurants, Old Monk pizza
    The pizza next door

    While international pizza brands were responsible for creating the pizza eating culture and occasion in India, the excitement in the category is coming from homegrown players who are willing to experiment.

  • Big shops, small towns, discount, Zara or H&M, Fashion, Retail Industry in India, fashion Industry in India, CAGR, Marks & Spencer
    Big shops, small towns

    With standard business coming in from metros, high-street fashion brands are looking for greener pastures in non-metros. So far, the move seems to be paying off, but there is still a long road ahead

  • Kotak Wealth Management, Indian Ultra HNI, smaller cities
    Small towns on radar of big brands

    As per Kotak Wealth Management’s The Indian Ultra HNI: Optimism Uninterrupted report, smaller cities are playing a considerable role in the growth of the number of ultra HNIs.

  • myntra ad, myntra ad focusses on small town consumer
    Myntra: Back to the basics for small towns

    Myntra’s No Questions ad focusses on the small-town consumer, addressing their pain-points. And it does a good job

  • terry peigh, interpublic group, brandwagon, brandwagon stories, industry stories
    ‘Admit the mistake, recognise it & move on’

    The key to managing influencer programmes is to allow them to speak in their own voice. Brands need to resist the temptation to over-manage the content.
    Once it starts becoming marketing-speak, you lose the consumer.

  • Bourbon, brandwagon, brandwagon stories, industry stories
    A creamier bite into Bourbon

    As Britannia Bourbon goes into an image refresh, its first efforts look promising but leave us wanting on the differentiation front

  • Renting Trumps Buying, Trumps Buying, shared economy, Sharing Economy, State of Sharing Economy, industries, industries stories, brandwagon, brandwagon stories
    When Renting trumps Buying

    A mobile demographic, disposable income and a willingness to leave the comfort zone of wholly owning something act as propellers for the sharing/rental products business. What’s surprising is, it may not always be about incapability to buy.

  • online fashion rental, Ajith Mohan Karimpana, Current and Future State of Sharing Economy, Brookings India, Furlenco, rental company, Lease My Outfit service
    Why buy when you can rent

    Experimental tastes are fuelling the shared economy market, with everything from white goods to furniture to fashion on offer

  • Fbb, Jishnu Sen of Future Retail, Future Retail, Big Bazaar, Happy Diwali
    Fbb has helped broaden our consumer profile

    Sales were little muted for a few days in the South due to unseasonal rains but overall, the festive season has done really well for us. Future Retail brought modern retail to India.

  • Nokia, Connecting People, Nokia Connecting People, android experience, smartphones, android, android phone, brandwagon, industry stories
    Nokia 2.0: Connecting People, yet again

    HMD Global is taking Nokia back into the market with all the enthusiasm of a start-up. Can it work?

  • Bandhan bank, emotions, brandwagon, industry, industry stories, Bandhan banks on emotions
    Bandhan banks on emotions

    Bandhan Bank’s current campaign, comprising two ad films, looks to encourage the audience to consider loan solutions while presenting itself as a partner that will hand-hold the customer through the process.

  • take 5, take 5 with Ranu Barua, Ranu Barua, brandwagon, industry, industry story
    Take 5 with Rana Barua

    In Spite of the Gods by Edward Luce. A deeply insightful account of contemporary India. An extremely stimulating read.

  • cosulgency, consulgency firms, consulgency firms rise
    The rise of the ‘Consulgency’

    Western and European markets are a battleground for consultancies and agencies that are stepping over themselves for a marketer’s attention, with the lines between their offerings blurring somewhat. Are Indian agencies prepared for the onslaught?

  • fuel for fanatics, brandwagon, marketing cost to brands
    Fuel for ‘fan’atics

    From ordering pop culture merchandise from overseas to getting a wide variety in the Indian market at competitive prices, consumers now have lots of retail options to satiate their fandom.

  • Face off, Face off with Seema Arora, Seema Arora, Westlife Development plan, McDonald, food culture, food culture in India, BrandWagon
    Face off: Children will always remain our mainstay, says Seema Arora

    A lot of the effort is in the digital space which is where most of our consumers are. Digital gets a significant share of our communication spends. Digital spend is growing owing to OOH, whereas TV would be flattish.

  • WPP, IPG, Facebook, Google, Mars, Microsoft and J&J
    Washing away the stereotypes

    Laundry/detergent brands, much like other segments, are increasingly challenging and subverting the archetypal gender stance in their ads, reflective of an evolving society.

  • beauty care for men, men beauty care, men beauty care products, men beauty care in india, men beauty care industry, male consumer, mens grooming, mens grooming in india, L’Oréal’s Garnier, L’Oréal’s Garnier men, L’Oréal India shares, shaving industry
    From Boys to Men

    From borrowing products from women’s beauty care kits, the male consumer in India is finally coming into his own in the grooming space with products and services being designed to cater to his specific needs.

  • Men's grooming market, Men's grooming market in india, men’s beauty products, men’s beauty market, men’s beauty market in india, men's grooming, men's grooming in india, skincare industry, haircare industry, Bombay Shaving Company, Happily Unmarried, Beardo
    How men’s beauty, grooming market has emerged as fast growing segments

    Men’s grooming products, over the last few years, are beginning to amass more and more shelf space and mind share as the consumer warms up to the idea of grooming as an essential and regular activity.

  • mid-sized agency, India, Srija Chatterjee
    I believe we are a mid-sized agency in India: Srija Chatterjee, MD, Publicis Worldwide India

    From rolling out Marcel in the country to the merging of Publicis Ambience and Publicis Capital to form Publicis India, it has been a busy year for Publicis Worldwide India.

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