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Horoscope - ( 27 Jul )
Daily Weekly

MAR 21-APR 20


Today’s passionate planetary relationships encourage your imagination, but may make it rather difficult for you to keep a grip on the facts. Professional Ariens run the risk of confusion at work, but if you’re involved in any artistic or glamorous activity you’ll do well.

APR 21-MAY 21


You may have been deeply confused by events beyond your control or understanding. Perhaps a dream that is only half-remembered has left you feeling rather uncertain. The truth will burst into the open in a few days’ time, so get ready for the consequences.

MAY 22-JUNE 21


There is still a slight risk of arguments, possibly over trivial points and with complete strangers. However, ironically, the only thing that is clear at the moment is that nothing is clear. The advantage is that if you’re doing anything which depends on your imagination then you should do better
than ever.



The immediate crisis at work seems to be past, but there remains a danger that colleagues are likely to blow up without warning. The odds are still stacked in your favour, so don’t worry. You can use your time profitably by rearranging your spending plans.

JULY 24-AUG 23


The fiery planet Mars is now passing through a favourable and supportive region of your chart, encouraging friends and partners to go their own way. You will gain from encouraging loved ones to take up new interests rather than attempting to hold them back.

AUG 24-SEPT 23


In your solar chart the radical and philanthropic sign of Aquarius represents your ability to bring an entirely different quality to work, whether paid employment or domestic chores. Right now this indicates that you will find new ways to team up with people.

SEPT 24-OCT 23


You certainly appear to be living up to your reputation as someone with a rare appreciation of beauty and the finer things of life. This is a time for cultural pursuits and self-indulgence rather than graft. Don’t worry, the hard work will come later – all in good time.

OCT 24-NOV 22


Nobody has such a sharp eye for the truth as you. You see, you know exactly how folk in authority are likely to behave. You also realise that it is very difficult for people to fulfil their promises. So, why don’t you give them the benefit of the doubt.

NOV 23-DEC 22


After a lot of near misses or false starts, you may finally be about to achieve a cherished goal. The first requirement, though, is to sort out the continuing complications dogging your financial affairs. In matters of the heart, keep talking: if you don’t tell loved ones what’s going on then they can’t be blamed for not knowing how you feel.

DEC 23-JAN 20


You Capricorns are not known for your emotional sensitivity, yet like all of us you have changed and come to appreciate that to be more open with your feelings leads to improvements all round. Soon you will be experiencing new sensations

JAN 21-FEB 19


Having stood your ground over career matters and worldly ambitions, you must now realise that there are periods to go it alone and moments to bend to other people’s desires. Everything hinges around your sense of timing, so watch, wait and make sure you pick the perfect moment.

FEB 20-MAR 20


You may be feeling unsettled in your current surroundings. Loved ones are waiting
for you to make a decisive move, but nobody is yet sure what is the correct step to take.
You may have to wait another week or so before the dust settles and you feel clear about the
next phase.