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Brics and straws

Brics Bank has its own limitations, and let us hope it will...
Much ado about execution

Much ado about execution

Effective delivery must be brought to the centre of policy-making...
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Horoscope By Peter Vidal, Wednesday, 30 Jul 2014

March 21 - April 20


It would not be difficult to blame other people's bad management or intransigence for your problems. However, with the Moon turning its attention to your personal activities, you may, if you wish, blame the stars. That won't let you off the hook in the long run, though. More About Aries
April 21 - May 21


Something is going to catch you by surprise, but it may be that what occurs is, in some strange way, a complete non-event. The best thing you can do today is remain cool, calm and collected. Always follow a practical course: it's fine to express your feelings, but don't get swept away by them. More About Taurus
May 22 - June 21


At the moment you need to take quite a lot on trust, mainly at work. You must make a point of delegating important tasks at home, if only because there are now signs that you could soon be worn out and in need of a rest. Plus, of course, it's about time that others did their fair share. More About Gemini
June 22 - July 23


The chance to make a major move at work is definitely there, but the window of opportunity is very slight. Do not let financial fears or worries stand in the way of an important ambition. Ask questions and face up to doubts - but stick to your guns. More About Cancer
July 24 - August23


By rights you ought to be flavour of the day, but what is given with one hand may be taken away with the other. Typical! Therefore there may be a fair bit of frustration later on, but there's little point in acting on the basis of resentment, because you might blame the wrong person. More About Leo
August 24 - September 23


There will be time enough later in the week to restore your emotional equilibrium. You may therefore allow yourself a few risks today, although the only schemes which succeed will be deeply traditional. More up-to-date ideas should be left until you're sure of your ground. More About Virgo
September 24 - October 23


One set of small cycles is now in a critical phase and you really do seem to have reached a point of no return but, whether this is a bad thing or not, is a complicated matter. In fact I'd say that, if you can put a personal problem behind you, you will do yourself one enormous favour. More About Libra
October 24 - November 22


If there's one thing that's certain then it's that everything is changing. Your planetary positions will be moving on to the point where it will be almost inevitable that you will have to participate in an argument, even if it's not of your own making. More Abou Scorpio
November 23 - December 22


All those intense planets are making it rather difficult to work out just what exactly is going on. If you wish to stand around and scratch your head, all well and good. Don't allow partners, driven as they are by today's emotional moon, to pressurise you. More About Sagittarius
December 23 - January 20


If there is an opportunity to improve matters at home, a chance to solve a family problem or settle a domestic matter, please move as quickly as you can. Events may be hard to control, but you must do your best. Some people would say that it's not as important to succeed as to try your best. More About Capricorn
January 21 - February 19


In any meaningful relationship both partners must learn to give and take. This principle applies to your professional as much as to your private life, but may be impossible to achieve. Therefore, you should only make promises today if you know you can carry them out. More About Aquarius
February 20 - March 20


You must now determine whether you have been too hasty - or not, as the case may be. Hopefully a financial problem may now be settled, although I should imagine you may have to face the consequences and cough up. You might end up with less cash - but greater respect. More About Pisces