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Horoscope By Peter Vidal, Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014

March 21 - April 20


Personal involvements which once seemed so necessary and fundamental to your existence may no longer provide you with the stability you desire. It looks as if from now on you will be thrown back on your own resources even more than you ever were in the past. More About Aries
April 21 - May 21


Your concern must be to establish stronger ties with energetic people - those younger or less experienced. You have sufficient experience to see yourself as a teacher, passing on your wisdom to people who have never come close to the experiences you have encountered. More About Taurus
May 22 - June 21


There is certain to be a major confrontation over career matters, but the saddest part of the sorry incident may be that someone you trusted appears to have let you down. Forgive and forget would seem to be the best answer. It's certainly the most noble way out of a current impasse. More About Gemini
June 22 - July 23


The fact that other people may be behaving badly doesn't give you the excuse to do the same. You have a reputation to maintain and, to this end, you may keep silent when, all around you, people are discrediting themselves. Your discretion will reflect well on you. More About Cancer
July 24 - August23


It is time to cut away dead wood and avoid any suspicion that you are hanging on to attitudes or behaviour patterns that have been brought into disrepute. Bear in mind that this is a generally positive phase. Also remember that good fortune is what you make it. More About Leo
August 24 - September 23


It's not simply a question of forcing others to move aside, you must demonstrate to one and all that you are both capable of taking control and of securing benefits for everyone, regardless of existing circumstances. Really, you're bigger and better than you think. More About Virgo
September 24 - October 23


Recent planetary influences have been stimulating, there's no doubt about that. However, the consequences may have been costly, and you're left to pick up the pieces. Do so with your usual skill. I know it's tiring to have to cope with other people's mess, but that's what you're good at. More About Libra
October 24 - November 22


Your judgement is generally accurate but, to be fair, there is no way that you can predict exactly how partners will respond to your plans. However, you would do well to steel yourself to match their ingenuity and determination. In love, follow a cautious path. And don't take anyone for granted. More Abou Scorpio
November 23 - December 22


It may take a while for the dust to settle and for you to get back on friendly terms with one or two colleagues and associates. You must be true to your nature and adopt a long-term point of view. If you get your hopes and desires in some sort of order then your behaviour will become more logical. More About Sagittarius
December 23 - January 20


Where to go from here in your personal plans? A temporary delay may be the answer, although you must be clear in your mind that whatever happens now is bound to have a profound effect. You are at the beginning of a whole new phase of existence. But how and what will not be clear until next month. More About Capricorn
January 21 - February 19


Seldom have you experienced a like period when partners or colleagues can offer you help and assistance. Take heart from the fact that adverse influences are waning and the prospect that people will once again appreciate your rare, even unique human gifts, is growing. More About Aquarius
February 20 - March 20


You may be going off on one of your typical flights of fancy. What is required now is detailed and thorough homework, otherwise you may risk isolating yourself. You need friendly company and support from people who understand what you're feeling without having to be told. More About Pisces