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Horoscope By Peter Vidal, Thursday, 24 Apr 2014

March 21 - April 20


Don't spend too much time going over old ground, because this week's planetary aspects do advise you to adopt a commonsense approach. And that means recognising that what's past is past. Once you are free from all those old emotional ties you can concentrate on creating a brighter future. More About Aries
April 21 - May 21


This ought to be a relatively straightforward time, but someone, somewhere, is still looking just a little irrational. You'd be advised to treat all sensitive individuals with kid gloves - just in case! If at all possible, why don't you give them the benefit of the doubt? Just for now. More About Taurus
May 22 - June 21


It's good to remember that, although you may be particularly enthusiastic about a particular project, other people may see the world through totally different eyes. Don't try to bulldoze reluctant partners. Wait for them to catch up with you. More About Gemini
June 22 - July 23


No matter whether current questions, issues or problems be of a domestic or professional nature, you can be assured that if you follow a traditional Cancerian approach - delicate, sensitive and kind - you will serve your own best interests. Remember the old saying - as you sow, so shall you reap. More About Cancer
July 24 - August23


Personally and financially, everything points to this being a phase for individual contemplation. If anything is troubling you, the root cause might be lingering worries over your security. That's why you should look for reassurance — and support — wherever you can find it. More About Leo
August 24 - September 23


Yesterday's Solar alignments should already have clarified certain issues. At the centre of current affairs lies the whole manner in which you relate to other people. You may feel that you haven't been sufficiently assertive in the past, but that can be put right now. More About Virgo
September 24 - October 23


Someone seems to have the bit between his, or her, teeth, possibly over a legal question or an overseas connection, or even over a matter of principle. Only if you persist in a particular and special course of action will you achieve your personal goals. More About Libra
October 24 - November 22


Some kind of battle or wrangle over finances may seem to be inevitable but is in fact quite avoidable. It's down to you to set an example by being clear and playing fair. There is no time for hesitation, and no reason to delay all your important preparations. More Abou Scorpio
November 23 - December 22


You have every reason to nurture certain suspicions, perhaps that you have been duped, undermined or betrayed. However, there may be no need to consider retaliation, as the time for action may have passed. The reason is that other people may have been acting in good faith. More About Sagittarius
December 23 - January 20


It will be a rare and completely blinkered Capricorn who cannot now sense that emotional conditions are about to improve. The most intuitive amongst you will already realise that a happy encounter is just around the corner. All you have to do is recognise it when it comes. More About Capricorn
January 21 - February 19


In many ways you are absolutely spot on and completely right, but sometimes even you have to admit to having been wrong. On the other hand, there is more than a grain of truth in your opinions and beliefs, so get the balance right if you can. And do it now. More About Aquarius
February 20 - March 20


Although there are a couple of decidedly difficult aspects to contend with, the general planetary situation is relatively easy. The reason is that anyone who launches an attack is liable to hit the wrong target. But if you do spot an approaching emotional missile, why don't you duck? More About Pisces