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Horoscope By Peter Vidal, Thursday, 17 Apr 2014

March 21 - April 20


The Moon adopts a friendly position, offering some respite from the generally hysterical nature of the times. Try to see the larger picture: perhaps there is something you can do to resurrect an overseas connection or safeguard the legal position. More About Aries
April 21 - May 21


At least your financial situation seems to be secure. Indeed, the prospect of increased prosperity, on however small a scale, may stand as a beacon of light amidst these generally unstable and possibly ill-tempered times. People often get irritable when they sense that change is on the way, but it's just because they feel insecure, so be understanding. More About Taurus
May 22 - June 21


Try to reach out and see how other people are feeling. What's needed is not only sympathy but empathy - the ability to tune into other people's emotions with compassion and understanding. Your romantic stars are pretty strong, by the way, so proceed with confidence. More About Gemini
June 22 - July 23


Because Mars is still in such a difficult alignment with a number of planets, people are prepared to fight their corner to the bitter end. Yet what they are defending is nothing but an illusion. Still, if it means something to them, then that's their prerogative. More About Cancer
July 24 - August23


Meetings are liable to be stormy, so if important issues are at stake you may feel it is best to wait until later for a final verdict. Above all, there is nothing to be gained from forcing the pace. Let events unfold in their own good time and I think you'll be pleased with the results. More About Leo
August 24 - September 23


You're in a strong position. Yet you may be unable to resist being embroiled in a series of strange and often unhelpful situations. Maintain your sense of humour and keep smiling throughout! A professional opportunity comes your way as a result of a colleague's goodwill. More About Virgo
September 24 - October 23


Even if one particular venture or involvement falls apart at the seams, you must realise that in the astrological universe everything is for the best. Be ready to let go of the past for, if your planetary alignments mean anything, it's that you're ready to start building a bright future. More About Libra
October 24 - November 22


So much depends on your ability to press ahead without co-operation. You are used to being thrown back on your own resources and you are well able to deal with anything that life may throw at you. You will soon see the upside of something which recently seemed so difficult. More Abou Scorpio
November 23 - December 22


An emotional tie or attachment may now be viewed in a completely different light, yet the way you see things now may have no more real validity than did your former opinions. All are but different faces of the same wonderful, multi-faceted picture. More About Sagittarius
December 23 - January 20


Challenging aspects to your special planets are not making it easy for you to keep existing enterprises going, let alone get long-term projects off the ground. Why not stop struggling and take some time off? I say that partly because you have so much to learn from mixing with new friends. More About Capricorn
January 21 - February 19


Forget about conventional answers to current dilemmas, whether your concerns are of a professional or a personal nature. Now it is time to implement the radical solutions which are your particular stock in trade. Just because other people are tied to convention, that doesn't mean that you should be as well. More About Aquarius
February 20 - March 20


Hopefully you are finding that the present situation is interesting without being in any way upsetting. With your deep understanding of the nature of reality you are better fitted than most people to dealing with challenging or obstructive conditions. More About Pisces