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Horoscope By Peter Vidal, Saturday, 23 Aug 2014

March 21 - April 20


Fortune, good and bad, comes in mysterious ways. You may be aware that someone is beavering away on your behalf. But, equally, you may be completely ignorant of various undertakings that are being pushed through by those who have your best interests at heart. More About Aries
April 21 - May 21


Spending plans may have to be put on ice, but I suspect that this is no bad thing. You are a lucky person indeed if you can exercise restraint and bring others to the conference table. Those with goodwill in their hearts will have a splendid time as far as relationships and romance are concerned. More About Taurus
May 22 - June 21


Auspicious planetary aspects are not entirely absent, but they are rather rare. This is a busy time, but I hope you'll manage to take the weight off your feet and pamper yourself a little. You will gain credibility by actually doing what you say you're going to do. More About Gemini
June 22 - July 23


You are well able to make up your own mind, and there is no point in advising you to disregard what is now taking place on the emotional front. I can only urge you to give others the benefit of the doubt and steer events from conflict to pleasure. More About Cancer
July 24 - August23


No doubt you would prefer to do things in a direct and open manner, but this might not be possible. You may be obliged to keep certain things to yourself. Domestic considerations predominate and a relative, perhaps a child, will need your help. More About Leo
August 24 - September 23


It's another of those tough days, but once midday has been and gone you'll begin to get a much clearer picture of where you're coming from, where you're heading and what you'll do when you get there! The clues lie in the little, apparently trivial and meaningless events. More About Virgo
September 24 - October 23


The whole mood of the day changes around noon, and it looks as if you may begin to feel less sociable and more inclined to tuck yourself away. Everybody needs to hibernate occasionally and I'd recommend a spot of seclusion: make time for yourself for a change. More About Libra
October 24 - November 22


There has to be a breakthrough in matrimonial and partnership matters. You're not alone and you will face up to the reality of your relationships and the obligations and ties they create. Partners have needs and desires, some of which you have actively encouraged. More Abou Scorpio
November 23 - December 22


Earlier in the day is possibly easier than later, the reason being that while you may be quite relaxed at the beginning, as the hours pass you will be reminded of certain conditions essential to your survival. For one thing you need a partner's goodwill. More About Sagittarius
December 23 - January 20


Deal with money matters early on: if you're bargain hunting, morning is the best time for a foray to the shops. Afternoon stars suggest adventurous options, overseas contacts and long-distance trips. A close partner will offer unexpected support - but expect something in return. More About Capricorn
January 21 - February 19


A high proportion of you will be doing a spot of over-time or extra work today. All members of your sign are in an ambitious mood and will be pursuing community activities or private hobbies. Deal with partners this morning and sort out cash this afternoon. More About Aquarius
February 20 - March 20


You will become increasingly aware of your debt to other people. Quite aside from the fact that promising social encounters are on the cards, you must seek co-operation for a future venture, perhaps because other people haven't quite pulled their weight in the past. More About Pisces