www.GharExpert.com announces Indias first free online home construction cost estimator

Written by Businesswire India | New Delhi, July 25: | Updated: Jul 25 2008, 16:54pm hrs
Indias fast growing construction, interior decoration and home improvement website www.GharExpert.com on Friday announced the availability of Indias first online home construction cost estimator.

Using this estimator, users can find out about the estimated material and cost required for each stage of their home construction project. For example, if you tell the system you are building a home of 2000 square feet of built area the system will tell you how much material you will need at the time of Foundation, Super structure, Flooring, Plastering and Paint etc.

You can fine tune the estimate by choosing the type of flooring you want to use, the type of paint you want to do in your home, the ratio of cement and sand you would like to use and other such parameters. The system also provides a comparative study for each alternative available to the user. This type of information is immensely helpful in planning the construction cost and making sure that the project is completed within the budgeted cost.

For years the home construction users have been struggling with the problem that the money runs out before the home construction completes. The timely completion of Delhi Metro project and other big construction projects have shown that if we employ proper planning and construction estimation techniques then we can save time, money and also improve the quality of our construction projects. This is the first time such cost estimation techniques are being made available to the home construction users and we have kept the interface so simple that even a non technical person can use this tool to generate the estimate. said Rajnish Utraja, CEO GharExpert.com.

He adds, Tools provided by the www.GharExpert.com not only allow users to plan their home construction project but also help them understand the pitfalls in the process.

About GharExpert.com

GharExpert.com is a privately held company being incorporated in India to provide interior decoration, construction, vastu and home improvement resources through world wide web. GharExpert.com was launched recently and is available at www.GharExpert.com.

GharExpert.com is for

-- People building a new home.

-- People taking up a construction, renovation or interior decoration project.

-- Homemakers making lifestyle design changes to their home.

-- Youngsters wanting to style their rooms to reflect their youth and passion.

-- Experts who want to share their knowledge with the community.

-- Homemakers implementing vaastu recommendations to their home.

-- Companies intending to showcase their products.

GharExpert.com services include

Comprehensive Construction Knowledgebase: Any one who has ever undertaken a construction project knows that there are several decisions one needs to make at the time of construction and there is very little professional help available unless you hire a whole sleuth of architects, civil engineers and contractors. www.GharExpert.com provides a big range of articles related to Indian construction techniques that help the users make those decisions. Earthquake protection techniques, pest control, dampness control, basement design, low cost construction techniques, purchasing guidelines for raw materials and several other construction categories have been covered in these articles.

Interior Decoration Articles: Did you ever wonder how you should arrange furniture in your drawing room, what kind of paint you should do in your kids room or how do you design a study room! Now you can find all answers related to your interior decoration queries on www.GharExpert.com. Each article is supported by the relevant pictures and best thing is that its absolutely free.

Channels: Construction experts and readers here share their experiences. They discuss the problems they faced while undertaking the construction projects and share the techniques that work effectively for them.

Pictures and Video database: A picture speaks a thousand words. GharExpert.com has an extensive database of pictures and videos showcasing the interior decorating ideas that can be implemented in a home.

Expert Advice: GharExpert.com has a panel of Architects, Interior Decorators, Structural Engineers, Vastu and other experts who provide answers to the users queries.

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