World's tiniest artwork is a Monet knock-off!

Written by PTI | Singapore | Updated: Jul 6 2014, 19:39pm hrs
Nanotech engineering has allowed scientists to create the world's smallest masterpiece at just 300 micrometres across - and it is a copy of a Monet painting!

Scientists at the Singapore University of Technology and Design came up with the world's smallest recreated masterpiece, a copy of Claude Monet's 19th century painting 'Impression, Sunrise'.

Joel Yang and colleagues swapped oil paints for a slightly smaller palette of nanoscale silicon pillars topped with aluminium. When light strikes the pillars it creates ripples of electrons that in turn release coloured light of a particularly frequency.

The team created "pixels" of four pillars and varied their size and spacing to produce about 300 different colours, enough to reproduce the Monet masterpiece, 'New Scientist' reported.

Besides reproducing famous paintings, the tiny pixels could also be used to store data or create small security tags on physical objects, researchers said.

The details of the work are published in the journal Nano Letters.