Wolfenstein The New Order game: Fun, absolutely challenging and compelling

Written by Priya Adivarekar | Mumbai | Updated: Jun 28 2014, 17:58pm hrs
Wolfenstein The New OrderWolfenstein The New Order definitely deserves a try.
Any list compiled last year featuring the most anticipated games of 2014 was incomplete without the new offering from the Wolfenstein series, a first person shooter genre set during the times of World War II, that has had many gamers hooked on to the different versions for more than a decade.

Wolfenstein: The New Order, developed by MachineGames, is fun, absolutely challenging and compelling.

It has all the elements, especially a very good pace, to keep you entertained. Moreover, despite of offering a single player shooting experience (the game does not have a multi-player component), this game is great fun.

It is a known fact that this series has mostly attracted those who are interested in World War II. In this game, the story marks a huge departure from the events of the real war.

But lo and behold! Who could have ever imagined robot Nazi dogs and cheesy dialogues in a game like this Its a little difficult to understand why the narrative takes the dramatic route, instead of focusing on the actual plot.

Instead, even the emotional moments in the narrative make you laugh and the gamer almost begins to lose interest in the proceedings.

But the interest starts building up once you start fighting it out against the Nazis in exciting missions and firefights. The gameplay at its core is excellent and the pace of the game is incredible. Almost every combat scenario will give the gamer an option to take the smart route or the crazy route. Both these play-styles are well supported by tactically placed inventory items, different modes of fire for weapons and more. Most of the levels are open battlefields with multiple options for players.

Scattered around these environments are a multitude of different rewards, which include health packs, armour, ammo and turret-based weapons. Almost every weapon can be dual wielded, which adds more excitement while fighting against the Nazis. Several weapons have multiple modes. For example: pistols can be silenced if you like a more subtle approach, sniper rifles can be swapped from semi-automatic to laser mode among others.

If you compare the complete playing time of this game with rest of the shooters available in the market, Wolfenstein: The New Order takes time, anywhere between a good 8-9 hours for a gamer who has some knowledge about the background of this series. Although the overall campaign is good, the quests can get on to you sometimes. On the technical front, the graphics of this game looks slightly archaic. Maybe its the art style to be blamed, which is dominated by the colour grey. But still, the game does not look visually stunning. The graphics quality in areas like facial expressions, explosions among others is very bad. The enemy AI is strictly okay and so is the background score.

The overall presentation and mechanics of the game is a mix of old and new techniques.

Despite the game having an equal mix of strengths and weaknesses, it is the fantastic gameplay that we thoroughly enjoyed. It may not be a visual treat, but Wolfenstein: The New Order definitely deserves a try! The campaign wont disappoint you.