Wine routes of India

Written by Akshay Kumar | Mumbai | Updated: May 6 2014, 22:59pm hrs
WineWith the wine consuming population in India is increasing steadily, there is a huge demand for newer products.
With the wine consuming population in India is increasing steadily, there is a huge demand for newer products. In India, cities like Nashik, Bangalore and some parts of Pune make some of the best wines, which are appreciated globally. Nowadays, even places like Akluj and Baramati have entered the race. Indian wine aficionados are keen to know more about the background of the finest wines produced in the country and the concept of wine tourism has become popular recently. Here is a list of wine tourism spots in India for all those wine enthusiasts who wants to upgrade to the next level.


Nashik is the most premium wine producing region in India, sometimes regarded as Napa Valley of India. Warmer days and cooler nights, gentle slope, fertile landscape; all these make a perfect setting of a good wine producing region. Almost all the vineyards present here offer wine tours. Big vineyards and well-developed winery infrastructure makes Nashik the perfect wine tour destination.

Vineyards to visit:

Chateau D' ori

Sula Vineyards

Grover Zampa vineyards


Karnataka produces some of India's world-class wines. Nandi hills and Kaveri valleys are the key wine producing regions around Bangalore. After Maharashtra, Karnataka marks its presence on the best wine labels list. There are various wine tour packages in Bangalore as well as Mysore, which is 178 kilometers away from Bangalore.

Vineyards to visit:

Grover Vineyards

Myra Vineyards

Akluj (Maharashtra)

Akluj is located 175 kilometers from Pune in the Deccan plateau. This destination is one of the latest addition to the wine tour list. The state-of-the-art winery and the tasting room of Fratelli, which is the only vineyard in this region is one of the best in the country.

Vineyards to visit:

Fratelli vineyards

Baramati (Maharashtra)

Baramati is also a new wine destination in India, which is located around 100 kilometers from Pune. Baramati is the home to the Four Season Wines. The Four Season vineyard has also recently opened up for wine tours and wine tasting sessions.

Vineyards to visit:

Four Season Vineyards