Where the armed forces recruit from: 5 facts

Written by ZEESHAN SHAIKH | New Delhi | Updated: Aug 11 2014, 15:12pm hrs
* Uttar Pradesh, the countrys most populous state, also sends the highest number of recruits to the armed forces, according to a written reply by the defence ministry to a question raised by Shiv Sena MP Sadashiv Lokhande during the current session of Parliament.

* 61,936 Junior commissioned officers, sailors and airmen recruited in 2013. The figure does not include officers commissioned from institutes such as the National Defence Academy, for which the defence forces do not maintain statewise data.

* 1 in 7 Or roughly 14%, Uttar Pradeshs representation in the armed forces, according to the breakup provided.

7 to 8% Representation of Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Punjab, the next three states on the list.

* 6% Andhra Pradesh is fifth. The Ministry of Defence said it is taking efforts to cover the entire country in recruitment into the forces.

The breakup

Top 5 overall

Uttar Pradesh: 8,602

Rajasthan: 4,902

Maharashtra: 4,717

Punjab: 4,307

Andhra Pradesh: 3,647

All India: 61,936

Top 5 in army

Uttar Pradesh: 6,555

Maharashtra: 4,224

Punjab: 4,117

Rajasthan: 3,391

Andhra Pradesh: 3,240

All India: 52,043

Top 5 in navy

Uttar Pradesh: 748

Rajasthan: 667

Haryana; 408

Bihar: 340

Andhra Pradesh: 322

All India: 4,439

Top 5 in air force

Uttar Pradesh: 1,299

Rajasthan: 844

Haryana: 441

West Bengal: 358

Bihar: 346

All India: 5,454