What Fugly taught us: 10 gems

Written by BollywoodHungamaNewsNetwork | Mumbai | Updated: Jun 18 2014, 20:38pm hrs
'Fugly' released this week and there are some understated gems we would like to share with you!

(Note: A few of these could be Spoilers)

1. That if you are from Delhi, by just saying 'Tujhe pata hai mera baap kaun hai', you can get out of any tricky situation anytime, anywhere - well, almost

2. That if you are still pulled up by a cop for saying something like this, you can lose all confidence in your lineage and just follow his orders blindly

3. That a regular cop in Delhi with hardly any political clout can step in and out of a heavy weight politician's house and threaten him while also making demands (which by the way are fully met)

4. That a girl can be molested by a sleazy shopkeeper and her mother, wife of an ex-army man and well educated herself, would still ask her to go back and ask for 'maafi' since he pays for goods on time

5. That her guy friends would get so worked up by the entire episode that they would even kidnap the shopkeeper in the dead of the night, lock him up in a car and go out for a long/deserted drive

6. That on getting caught by a cop, they would give in to all his demands and that too for weeks and months at stretch. That, despite having influential parents who could well have at least tried for a settlement!

7. That during this tiring times, just when they could have got rid of their troubles by paying off the cop overnight, the youngsters would rather sing and dance on a song ('G Pe Danda') for their moments of fame

8. That a Delhi girl who is studying medical science, on finding her groom-to-be gazing at her cleavage, would ask within first 10 seconds of meeting - 'Kyun, achche hain naa'

9. That there are high society unattractive women out there with fake accents who lend out their farmhouses for nights of debauchery in return for some sinly pleasures themselves

10. That on getting caught in a tricky situation, the only option to let the world know about truth is, hold your breath, 'self immolation'. No, seriously!