We must give AAP some time, results will follow

Updated: Jan 27 2014, 10:55am hrs
Almost all channels and newspapers, it appears, are eager to cover each and every news aspect about the new upcoming star of Indian politicsAam Aadmi Partyand its posterboy Arvind Kejriwal. However, despite the success of the party, one major issue which is being constantly debated upon is whether the party will deliver when the D-day arrives.

Newcomers have always been subject to blatant, harsh and sadistic criticism in order to help them. And once again a question arises: Will the Aam Aadmi Party hinder the economic growth of the country because of its illiteracy on economic matters This is an important question since the answer to it will determine the new growth trajectory of our country.

Economists are sceptical of the AAP. Their concerns are regarding the lack of exposure of the AAP in political matters. Whether the AAP will be successful in drawing a better economic policy than its predecessor is debatable.

But one thing is certain that the AAP can be very successful in running the country and accelerating economic growth because its core competency lies in its intent and moral integrity which other parties arguably lack. As Indians, we can be very impatient and expect results in no time, thus we must give them time and space to breathe. Imagine, in the next five years, a country with no major scams and every single penny of taxes is spent wisely. This is a trade-off one must be ready to pay for lack in political experience.

Anirudh Harisinghaney

The author is a student of the International Management Institute, Delhi