Wax on, wax off

Updated: Jul 27 2013, 06:25am hrs
Waxing a car not only ensures that the car looks like its new, but it also provides a protective coating for the paint. This keeps corrosive materials like bird droppings and tree sap from damaging the paint work. Another advantage is that since water doesnt settle on the wax, it prevents contaminants from sticking to the body. The wax also fills small scratches and prevents water seeping into cracked paint and deepening the cracks further.

We have reviewed liquid polishes in the past, but they are quick and easy shortcuts. Solid waxes promise longer lasting protection, though they require more time and effort to apply. They also offer better results in terms of shine and protection.

The test

For this review, we have tested products such as semi-solid paste waxeslike Abro Supergold Carnauba Car Wax, Motomax Cream Polish with Carnauba Wax and Formula 1 High Performance Carnauba Car Wax. Then we used solid wax like Car Brite Easi-Off Blue. We also had premium wax like Sonax Premium Class Carnauba Care. For this test, we judged the products on parameters like ease of use, effectiveness, value for money, longevity and quality.

Instructions on the products were followed and we applied them on half a door panel or half of a bonnet to clearly see the difference in shine on the body before and after application. The car was driven as usual and washed thrice a week, and the products longevity was tested over a period of two weeks by checking for beading of water and surface smoothness. All the products on test come with a foam applicator to apply the wax and all products turned into a hazy white deposit on application. After application, we left the wax to dry for a while.