Vishal Sikka encourages Infosys to embrace transformation

Written by fe Bureau | Bangalore | Updated: Jul 8 2014, 13:46pm hrs
Vishal Sikka InfosysVishal Sikka has blogged about the transformation that Infosys will undertake to remain relevant in a world where software is redefining everything.
The first non-founder chief executive officer (CEO) of Infosys, Vishal Sikka, who will take over on August 1, has blogged about the transformation that India's second-largest IT services exporter will undertake to remain relevant in a world where software is redefining everything.

Disruption is not an excuse, a fait accompli, it is simply an opportunity to learn new skills and to develop new products and services, and processes and economics. An opportunity to renew ourselves and our organisations. And it comes down to having anchors that help us guide through such a change... Competencies and processes follow from these, and then the products and services delivered, and the relationships, the economics, etc. emerge. But the grounding, the anchors, determine how the organisation transitions, he said in his blogpost.

Transformations they must go through, to survive, to continue to be relevant, when the circumstances and contexts around them change dramatically. Companies around the world, including mine, are going through these transitions, driven to a large extent by software and computing technology, he said.

Sikka is the creator of the hugely successful new software product HANA at SAP and there are expectations he would step up the innovation engine at Infosys. So when I see the debate underway among Harvard professors about the Innovator's Dilemma, and when I look back on what we achieved at SAP, my fundamental conclusion is that there is no innovator's dilemma...The idea that there is some kind of a rule blocking an organisation's ability to deal with disruption, makes no sense to me. That these disruptors came and disrupted us and there was nothing we could do about it, is simply nonsense, he said.