Very expensive things to buy in 2014

Updated: Jan 12 2014, 16:34pm hrs
Samsung TVSamsung launched this in time for the New Year and it is advertised as the biggest ultra-high-definition television in the history of TVs. Reuters
Ademovs gold iPad Air

If, like most Indians, you are into gold, then Ademov Luxury Electronics is the place to be. Based in Las Vegas, the company only deals in adding expensive bling to existing products to make them exclusive and desirable. Its latest is for gadget freaks who also have a thing for blinga customised 24K gold-plated laser-cut iPad Air. The luxury customisation company specialises in plating, anodising, engraving, machining and putting jewellery on computers, and has introduced this dazzling iPad version with a spin-off on the common polished gold backplate. This one features a polished, engraved and machine-cut backplate that has a black acrylic layer to counterpart the black Apple logo. The gold iPad Air by Ademov has 128 GB space and is polished, laser-cut and engraved. Price: $5,000.

Strolley in style

For frequent flyers, your luggage says a lot about who you are and what section of the aircraft you are bound for. Which is why every major fashion brand is making luggage these days, from Alfred Dunhill to Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta and carmaker, Porsche. Now, we get the best of both worlds with a co-branded stroller that combines two famous names, Versace and Lamborghini. Made from handcrafted nappa leather, the collaboration has produced an ultra-stylish travel stroller in black matte calfskin with tags of both brands on its face. Price: $4,000.

The worlds largest TV

You need a really large living room to accommodate this, but the price tag means you should be living in a mansion anyway, if you can afford to buy this. Samsung launched this in time for the New Year and it is advertised as the biggest ultra-high-definition television in the history of TVs. The TV comes with a gigantic 110-inch screen and measures a whopping 2.6x1.8 m. It has voice and gesture controls, and Samsungs Smart Hub, which allows you to access online content, photos, music, videos and apps. It contains a quad-core processor and Samsungs S-Recommendation service that gives you viewing recommendations after tracking your viewing habits over time. The ultra-HD TVs are also known as 4K because they contain four times more pixels than an HDTV. The TV costs approximately $1,50,000 in South Korea, but prices will vary in other countries.

Place to be seen at

Earlier this month, the Oberoi opened its newest property, the Oberoi Dubai, and it has quickly become the place to be seen at, especially at Iris, its Beirut-inspired rooftop bar. Located on the 27th floor, the bar is spread over an area of 4,800 sq ft, offering the citys glitterati a gorgeous view of Dubais skyline. Overlooking the iconic Burj Khalifa and centrally located on Sheikh Zayed Road near the Dubai Mall, the hotel and its rooftop bar have quickly become the places to be seen at. Iris should be your new go-to party address when you holiday in Dubai.

Worlds priciest toothbrush

Whats in a toothbrush Plenty, actually, if its a Reinast, the most expensive toothbrush in the world. The Reinasts titanium toothbrush combines elegance, durability, technology, style and functionality. Crafted in Germany, it is made of titanium and comes in champagne, rose and matte-black colours. Its unique feature is the anti-bacterial coating. Titanium is the material of choice among medical equipment, aviation and aerospace, among others. Every six months, the company delivers six new bristle heads to customers free of charge. Price: $ 4,300.

The Chateau Margaux experience

Theres no better way to impress fellow millionaires than serving them the most expensive red wine in the world. The wine in question is a Balthazar (12 litres) of Chateau Margaux 2009. The Bordeaux wine estate is legendary and was only one of four wines to achieve Premier cru status in the Bordeaux Classification of 1855. The estates best wines are very expensive, but now, Les Clos, the high-end wine merchant, is selling a set of three Balthazars of Chateau Margaux 2009, one of the best vintages the estate has produced, with a price tag of $1,95,000. This makes it the costliest bottle of red wine ever sold. The three bottles up for sale will be packed in an oak case, but theres a greater reward. Whoever buys this will be flown free to France to the vineyard from which the bottle came. The buyer will get a tour of the cellar followed by an exclusive dinner at the Chateau.