Venu On A Roll

Updated: Oct 21 2003, 05:30am hrs
At a press conference in Chennai to announce the companys second quarter numbers, the otherwise taciturn TVS Motor Company chairman Venu Srinivasan was at his humourous best. When quizzed about the companys four-wheeler plans his reply was: All that runs on four wheels is not necessarily a car. He was alluding to the companys four-wheeler passenger vehicle programme on the autorickshaw platform, which a section of the media had interpreted as its passenger car foray.

To another question about market share in different states he quipped: From the south of the Himalayas, we are a major player. Above the Himalayas, we dont have any share. Somebody from the audience observed that you just cant beat a Venu on a roll! Is Rahul Bajaj or Osamu Suzuki listening

Dutch On Biotechnology
In a transnational biotechnology programme held recently in Hyderabad, one of the main speakers highlighted The Royal Kingdom of Netherlands fund support for the biotechnology programme. While he was holding forth, there was a giggle and after that peals of laughter from the last row. The reason was his repeated references to the The Netherlands and Dutch governments plans to fund poverty elimination and food security. Pity that the speaker did not know that both the names referred to the same nation.

Getting Tough
With elections in four populous statesRajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Delhiround the corner, the Election Commission sure has started cracking its whip. First, it was the India Shining advertisements that were taken off circulation. And now, the annual Economic Editors Conference, where ministers may do some poll pitching holding forth on their ministrys achievements, too has been postponed.