Vacations on head, but nowhere to go Google Maps has some tips for you

Updated: May 21 2014, 20:33pm hrs
TravelTime to get away from the normal routine and instead experience the thrill of exotic locations across the world. Reuters
Summer holidays! Time to get away from the normal routine and instead experience the thrill of exotic locations across the world. So start planning. Here are some DIY tips courtesy Google that spotlight popular holiday resorts and enable a virtual preview of the fun!

Check the weather for your upcoming trip directly on Google Maps. Whether youre organizing a trip overseas or a picnic at a local park, make travel and activity planning easier by knowing the weather forecast. See temperatures and conditions for the next few days for places around the globe by selecting the weather layer from the widget in the upper right corner of the map. Zoom in for conditions in specific cities, and zoom out for cloud coverage over an area. Try it now: See icons denoting sun, clouds, rain and so on via the weather layer on Google Maps.

Fly around the world... and dive under the ocean. Google Earth enable you to navigate the world in 3D -- you can zoom in from space to the streets of cities from Hong Kong to San Francisco to Johannesberg, watch the changing rainforests over time, and dive underwater to explore the Marianas Trench, tropical reefs, or shipwrecks. Endless hours of exploration can be found here inOcean in Google Earth.

View local search results on a map (or on your mobile)When youre somewhere unfamiliar and want to quickly find somewhere to eat, enter the type of food plus the town or postal code and Google will display the results on a useful map and give you directions for getting there. Try it now:Search for barbecue in Memphis on Google Maps

Get recommendations for local businesses: Find great local places like restaurants and bars with Zagat scores and recommendations from people you trust using Google+ Local.You can also share your personal recommendations, or read local reviews from your Google+ circles to help uncover the best locations nearby.

Plot your trip by adding your own icons to Google Maps: Make travel planning a snap with custom maps,a feature of Google Maps that lets you personalize the map by adding your own icons. Before your trip, you can use this tool to mark all the hotels youre considering staying at and all the sights you want to be sure to see. Then decide which is in the most convenient location. You can also share custom maps with friends and family so they can all participate in mapping out your trip. When the trips over, use your custom map as a virtual scrapbook: add icons on the map for the great picnic spot you found in the park or for the great little gelato stand you kept revisiting. You can even add text, photos and videos within the custom map to help keep the memories alive.