Upcoming smartwatches of 2014: Apple iWatch, Google Gem, ASUS Smartwatch, HP Smartwatch and more

Written by PriceDekho | Updated: Aug 15 2014, 00:03am hrs
SmartwatchesTim Cook, CEO of Apple, had hinted multiple times that wearable technology is going to be a part of Apple?s future.
There have been many releases since 2013, but more are expected to see the light of day. Check out the upcoming smartwatches in 2014:

1. Apple iWatch (iTime)

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, had hinted multiple times that wearable technology is going to be a part of Apples future. It has been indicated that the screen of the device will range between 1.5-inch to 2-inch. A recent revelation shows that Apple had filed a patent with the name iTime for Wrist-worn electronic device. As per the information, this device will be able to connect to iPads, iPhones and computers. This will be a detachable product from the watch strap. The advanced wrist strap comes with wireless communication packages, GPS modules and accelerometer sensor, thereby enabling it to receive calls and notifications, if connected with a phone.

Interestingly, many functions of iTime can be manipulated through wrist or physical arm gesture. According to the grapevines, this smartwatch is expected to come with AMOLED display, 2-sided bracelet design (Slap Bracelet), ability to make calls, sensors to monitor health related data, built-in Siri, multimedia controller, ability to make mobile payments through Passbook and many more. If rumors are to be believed, this wearable will be available in three models one with 1.6-inch screen size and two others with 1.8-inch display each. Sources indicate that iTime is expected to be unveiled in November 2014.

2. Google Gem

According to a released report, it is indicated that a smartwatch from the house of Google with the codename Gem is in the offing. The release date has not yet been finalized, but is expected to be released in the year 2014. Google Now integration is expected if the device is released. Market analysts believe that unraveling of Google Watch will change the entire perspective of smartwatches, as it will integrate all kinds of Google apps (Google Drive, Google Newsstand, Google News, Google Alerts, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Docs, etc.) as well as Google Play store. Some of the features expected in the smart wearable include compatibility with all kinds of Android Phones, built-in Google Now, flip up display, curved display and many more.

3. ASUS Smartwatch

ASUS has also confirmed its plan of releasing a series of wearable devices in the year 2014 that include a smartwatch having distinctive features. Companys Chairman, Jonney Shih, had said at a year-end party that ASUS will include its entire design thought to develop a wearable device. He also said that his company wants to replace general watches with the smart wearables.

4. HP Smartwatch

HP too wants a piece of the expanding wearable device market and thats why it has decided to come up with its own offering in the category. It is reported that the company is collaborating with Gilt and Michael Bastian (designer) for bringing out a smartwatch having circular design, similar to that of Moto 360 smartwatch. One of the most important features that the rumors have said is that this smartwatch from HP will be compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. This unique features is expected to boost the popularity of the gadget. Some of the leaked features doing rounds in the market are round form-factor, increased degree of customization through interchangeable watch straps, notification delivery from both iPhones and Android-based phones (calls as well as texts), enhanced customization facility and many more.

5. HTC One Wear

HTC is also gearing up to release its first smartwatch. Specs as well as exact release dates have not been announced yet. Though release date has not been announced yet, it is believed by tech fraternities that it may be see the day of light during August-September, 2014. Rumor mills have churned out that this smartwatch will be available in metal and polycarbonate versions. It will have a round look rather a than usual square one. Some of the features that will be available here include Remote Camera, Music, File Manager and Chinese titles.

6. OnePlus One Watch

OnePlus is all set to release its first smartwatch, just after its new smartphone, which garnered a huge appreciation and sales worldwide. The wearable will be called OneWatch and is expected to have a round interface, OLED display screen sheltered by Sapphire glass and titanium borders. The battery will be present in the curved band and Qi wireless charging facility will be there in smartwatch. No information is there regarding the operating system on which it will run.

7. Microsofts Smartwatch/Wrist-Mounted Wearable

Microsoft is also in the race for coming out with its wrist-mounted wearable that will work along with the smartphone. This device will have fitness tracker including steps taken while walking, heart rate monitor and more than ten sensors. Universal compatibility will be its major USP. Therefore, the smartphones running on iOS, Android or Windows Phones platform will be able to support this wearable. Fitness-focused apps from Microsoft, such as Bing Health & Fitness and HealthVault, are expected to be there in this upcoming smartwatch or wrist-mounted wearable from Microsoft. Reports suggest this device will be available to the customers by last quarter of 2014.

8. Samsungs Next Classic Round Smartwatch

Sources have pointed out the latest patent granted to Samsung. It indicates the launch of a new smartwatch, having one big change. This time it will have a round design, similar to that of Moto 360. Rumor mills have predicted that this upcoming smartwatch will have camera on watchband and charging port at the clasp of watch. Many predict that this watch will come with a Tizen OS rather than Android Wear operating system.

9. Sony Smartwatch 3

After the launch of Sony Smartwatch 2, the electronic giant is contemplating the launch of Sony Smartwatch 3 this year. Though no definite date has been fixed yet, rumors mills are abuzz with September 3, 2014 release. On this day, Sony has scheduled a press event, which is expected to unveil exciting new gadgets, such as Xperia Z3 Compact and Xperia Z3 smartphones, a camera and other devices as part of the IFA 2014 trade show. Head of Sony Mobile in the US, Ravi Nookala, has been reported to have said that they will remove Android Wear as an option and will stay with their own smartwatch platform based on Android. However, it has also been reported that Sony is still working closely on its products with Google. If rumors are to be believed, this new smartwatch from Sony will have both Bluetooth and NFC.