Travellers plan to purchase flight-friendly gadgets in 2014

Written by FE Online | Mumbai | Updated: Jan 9 2014, 23:48pm hrs
TripIt, travel, tourism gadgetsTripIt?s 2014 travel and technology trend research was conducted among travellers in the weeks following the FAA?s gate-to-gate gadget ruling.
According to new research from TripIt, more travellers expect to buy tablets than laptops this year, which signals a shift, as predicted, towards even greater ability and flexibility on-the-go. TripIts 2014 travel and technology trend research was conducted among travellers in the weeks following the FAAs gate-to-gate gadget ruling, which expanded the use of personal electronics like smartphones and tablets during the duration of flights (in airplane mode), but excluded laptops.

Smartphones are expected to retain their place as travellers top technology tool, with 65 per cent of travellers expecting to invest in a new smartphone this year. Following close behind, more than half (58 per cent) of travelers surveyed plan to buy new tablets in 2014. Less than half (48 per cent) plan to purchase new laptops. Smartwatches are also poised for growth among travelers, with 18 per cent planning to purchase one in 2014. The hands-free nature of these devices may explain why travellers could outpace other demographics in adopting this new mobile technology.

The percentages of travellers who anticipate buying the following technologies new in 2014: smartphone (65 per cent), tablet (58 per cent), laptop(48 per cent), smartwatch(18 per cent), (10 per cent) electronic bag trackers

Also, TripIt, makes it easier for travellers to share specific trip details and flight status alerts on the go, with family, friends and colleagues. TripIts update coincides with the first in its new series of 2014 travel and technology trends research, which shows an increased appetite for mobile devices on the road. More travellers plan to buy smartphones and tablets than laptops in 2014, which correlates with the FAAs ruling allowing gate-to-gate use of mobile devices.

To easily communicate travel plans and stay connected on the go, TripIt users can select an individual trip item such as a flight, hotel, restaurant reservation, meeting or other activity and share it via email or text message from their mobile device. Messages are pre-populated with vital travel details, and users can add personal notes.

Dan Hoffer, head of product, TripIt, said, Nobody wants to be stranded on an airport curb at the end of a long trip. Now, you can easily text your arrival time, so your ride is waiting when you land. Our customers have been asking for more flexible and powerful ways to share information and stay connected, and we're excited to deliver these features in time to make 2014 travel less stressful, more organised, and easier than before for our millions of users."

Additionally, TripIt Pro users can now share their flight status alerts with others to keep them instantly informed about delays, cancellations or on-time arrivals. Travellers can easily notify a colleague and adjust plans if they are going to be late for a meeting.