TouchTone wireless speaker review: Good music on the go

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | New Delhi | Updated: Jul 17 2014, 19:38pm hrs
TouchTone speakerTouchTone wireless speaker is priced at Rs 4,199.
There is no doubt that Bluetooth speakers are slowly replacing bulky old home theatre systems across the world. The latest Bluetooth device on our test benches is the TouchTone portable speaker from id America.

There is a lot hidden in the name of this device, as TouchTone come packed with touch controls that differentiate it from other speakers of this type. Bang on top of the speaker you see a circular panel with the id American logo. The circle here is a touch panel that controls the volume if you just run your fingers on it clockwise. There are also touch points for skipping songs, pause and play.

The TouchTone is a well designed unit which appears compact and functional. My only issue with the design what the power button, which has been stashed away at the back with the line in and midoc-USB ports. The bottom of the small speaker has a good rubber spine which keeps it in place on smooth surfaces.

Syncing the TouchTone with a smartphone is as easy as it can be. The controls on the device reduce the volume on the phone and let you skip songs too. You can also take calls on the speaker when it is synced, making this a good option for those who have to make a lot of conference calls. It helps that the speaker is much more louder that what your phone will ever be.

The speaker also has good audio quality though a bit partial to bass. Despite its small size, the TouchTone has two speakers. The speakers are very good when you are playing vocal heavy numbers like a Jagjit Singh or Tim McGraw. But it starts getting a bit shrill when you push the audio capabilities by trying out a dubstep. However, the speaker offers a good range of frequencies that you can enjoy while on the go. I am not sure this is good enough to be your main music player though.

But given the price range, the TouchTone appears to be among the best options available at the moment.

TouchTone wireless speaker price: Rs 4,199