Timex Intelligent Quartz: A smartwatch ideal for those who love adventure

Written by Sudhir Chowdhary | New Delhi | Updated: May 29 2014, 15:08pm hrs
TimexThe Intelligent Quartz Tide-Temp-Compass watch from Timex represents a judicious mix of sophisticated style and technological innovation.
It is amazing to see how technology in watches is advancing

today. While the basic premise remains the samea timepiece is wrapped around your wrist so you can tell the time wherever you arewatches nowadays can help you monitor your heart rate, measure skin temperature and perspiration, as well as day and night temperature outside by means of a temperature sensor, which provides reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Some even come with wireless and USB connectivity to enable you to seamlessly sync your fitness data with your smartphone and laptop. Without exaggerating, let me be at liberty to say that the ongoing revolution in the watch segment might have even swept Peter Henlein, the creator of the first pocket watch, off his feet in this era of digital technology and LCD screens.

Smart watches are all the rage these days and the Intelligent Quartz Tide-Temp-Compass watch from Timex represents a judicious mix of sophisticated style and technological innovation something that only comes from a true watchmaker. Timex was founded in 1854 and has a rich heritage of making the finest timepieces. In India, it has a portfolio of several brands spread across various segments from mid-premium to luxury segment, such as Timex, Marc Ecko, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Helix.

Timexs tide-temp-compass watch is available in two variantsprice for the white one is R14,995, while the Black one retails for R13,995. Basically, its Intelligent Quartz technology is more than just a watch movement; its an open ended platform with the flexibility to incorporate new technologies, new functions and new ideas, as they become available.

In sync with this, the new Timex device has a tide tracker feature which counts down to next high or low tide. Its temperature sensor provides reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit. And the electronic compass comes with adjustable declination angle for increased accuracy regardless of user location. The compass directional ring helps navigate home or away.

But does the watch that hit the market a few months ago actually live up to expectations Or is it just for geeks to show their latest devices around Well, I dug in to find out.

I have been wearing the device for the past few days and I love the looks that I get from people. This piece from Timex will grow on you; it will be difficult for the wearer of this Quartz to stay away from it. It is a stylish watch with good features and rugged looks.

The very first question most people ask is how tight you have to wear the watch. In my use, I have found that I havent had to wear it any tighter than I would wear any other watch. In general, it doesnt leave any marks on my arm post-use. With multiple functions

including a tide tracker, temperature sensor and electronic compass, this Timex watch is an essential accessory for the tech savvy professional with a love for adventure.

First up on our journey to enlightenment is getting the thing unboxed. In terms of looks, the Timex watch is pretty normal sized when it comes to watches. Its neither big, nor smallit just sort of sits in the middle size-wise. But it is definitely bit higher than most other units on the market, thus making it look a bit more bulky than it really is. I suspect that much of this bulk comes from the platform behind the varying sensors that are contained within the unit. I feel that this device is definitely amongst the biggest on the market since it includes a full watch face, versus just having no display, or minimal time display.

Once you have got the tide-temp-compass watch on your wrist, youll be ready to roll. It is scratch and water resistant (up to 50 metres) and weighs 400 grams. There are three distinct buttons around the dial of the watch to trigger its tide, temperature or compass function, all handled by a single hand inside the dial. It comes with a tide and temperature monitor and a compass built in. It has a rotating bezel which is click free and smooth. The clock face can be illuminated with Timexs glow button.

In real-time use, this Timex is a very fun watch to wear and use, and the functions are very enjoyable to operate. It comes across as sophisticated and stylish with amazing features for measuring tide, compass and temperatureother than looking up for the time. It is also comfortable to wear for long hours. All in all, a wonderful choice for those who love adventure.

Watches have indeed come a long way since they were first invented in the 16th century!

Estimated street price: Rs 13,995