Thief returns 15 kg Tanishq gold

Written by Express news service | Hyderabad | Updated: Jan 28 2014, 15:34pm hrs
The robbery of 15 kg gold ornaments at a Tanishq

jewellery showroom last week became even more sensational when a 28-year-old man, Kiran Kumar, walked into the office of a TV channel late Sunday night and confessed that he was the culprit. An hour later, he led the police to his house in Rasoolpura area where the police recovered the entire gold, worth over Rs 5 crore, kept in a bag except for a single gold ring that he had sold off.

Initially, the youth claimed he acted alone because he wanted to create a sensation. He led media persons on a wild goose chase that he wanted to expose corruption in police and politics. However, once the police started interrogating him, the real story spilled out. Kiran and his brother Anand, who is afflicted with polio, planned the heist over four days between January 20 and 24. The police said the duo were engaged in odd jobs as masons and plumbers and were not doing very well. Kiran Kumar, who hails from Guntur, wanted to train as a pilot for which he needed Rs 20 lakh and another Rs 15 lakh for his brother Anand for a surgery which he thou-ght would cure his polio-afflicted right leg. They decided to rob a jewellery store.

Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma said the duo recced the Tanishq showroom at Panjagutta which had a very narrow passage at the backside where repairs had been done.

Having experience in construction and plumbing, they easily spotted the place where repairs were done earlier; a window was covered with bricks about four years ago, and they identified it as the weak spot and struck, Sharma said.

On January 23 night they started chipping at that particular spot using a simple hammer and chisel. They left it halfway for fear of being heard or arousing suspicion of security guards. Two days later, they returned and managed to make a hole through which the shorter and thinner Anand went inside and took away 15 kg of ornaments while Kiran stood guard outside. They left chilli powder in the showroom to mislead sniffer dogs.

However, with so much furore over the incident, they developed cold feet and felt that they wont be able to dispose of the ornaments.