The Quick-Read Review: Creative Woof Bluetooth Speakers

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | New Delhi | Updated: Sep 1 2014, 15:12pm hrs
Bluetooth SpeakerThe Creative Woof's range is frustratingly short, and you're kind of tied to a small radius, which defeats the purpose of wireless connectivity.
What Is It

Creative Woof is a miniature portable Bluetooth speaker that fits in the palm of your hand. Its all metal and sits well on any surface, as the speaker is pointed upwards. Theres also a standard 3.5mm audio jack to connect it to your PC or any other device with a direct line. And yeah, it has a built-in microphone so you can answer calls.

The Creative Woof has an MRP of Rs. 3,999, but youll find it for around Rs. 2,500 in stores.


-The volume that this little unit delivers is impressive. It gets twice as loud as the Sony Vaio Fit, the Macbook Air, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. However, at higher volumes, you will notice the audio crackling.

-When it comes to voice, the Woof does a good job. Be it a YouTube video or a podcast, the Woof was noticeably better to decipher what someone is saying than our laptop or phone speakers.

-Its rated at 6 hours of battery life and Creative is right on the money there. In repeated tests, thats almost exactly how long the Woof lasts on a single charge. Plus, it shows the battery indicator on your phone, which is quite cool.


-As with any small-sized speakers, bass output is pathetic. Forget the feel of that deep thump, you wont even hear bass with the Woof next to your ear. Then again, you cant expect much better at this price with mono audio.

-You better be less than 10 feet away from the speakers, and there shouldnt be any wall between you two. The Creative Woofs range is frustratingly short, and youre kind of tied to a small radius, which defeats the purpose of wireless connectivity.

-Dont even think about answering calls through the Woof. The microphone does not pick up audio well, even at a close distance, so you have to shout to be heard. In multiple calls, either our recipient could not hear us or said there was too much ambient noise.

Who Is It Good For

If you habitually listen to songs on your phones or laptops speaker, then the Creative Woof is a good option. Itll save you battery and be much, much louderthough not always better in quality. The 6-hour battery life also means its a great companion for trips.

Who Is It Bad For

If you care about how your music sounds, especially the bass, then forget about the Creative Woof. Also, if youre looking for a hands-free solution, avoid this one. The limited range also means that you end up rooted in one room.