The PC market is not dying

Written by Sudhir Chowdhary | Updated: Jan 28 2013, 08:09am hrs
The Indian PC market is really full of activity now. Ultrabooks and tablets have taken computing to an altogether new level. Computer brands are increasing and so is the innovation in their products which will make the market more diversified and distributed. The business prospects in India are prominently affirmative and the people have become highly adaptive and constantly look forward for superior technologies, says Peter Chang, managing director, ASUS India. The $10-billion Taiwanese PC hardware maker ASUS, the brand name behind Googles Nexus 7 device, is planning to further establish its operation in India with the right mix of people, strategies and knowledge about the right techniques of execution. Peter, who is also the regional head of South Asia, ASUS, talks to Sudhir Chowdhary about the companys plans for India. Excerpts:

How important is the India market for ASUS in terms of business

India is an important market for us. It is diverse with each region having its own market trends and preferences. What favours a particular section of the market may not be an option for the other. Along with the importance of this wide market, we also understand that, in India, products that offer a good value for the price are well accepted by the customers at large. Our prime strategy is focused on offering products after considering all the aspects including security, responsiveness, and other exciting features, in order to offer the most complete and satisfying computing experience. With our products and initiatives, ASUS is determined to touch the customers heart with an incredible product, incredible design, incredible quality and incredible service.

Ultrabooks and tablets are the buzzword these days. Is the PC dead Where do you see the trend going

It is certain that ultrabooks and tablets have taken computing to an altogether new level. From the existing market, they have managed to create a market for themselves and their features like portability, mobility and razor thin designs have gained attention all over. The PC market is impacted not only by the rise of these new device segments but also by economic factors like high inflation, global economic uncertainty and limited share of wallet.

But even though the PC market is witnessing a decrease in the demand, calling it dead would be an exaggeration. There still are segments which are using PCs and are comfortable with it. In future, the players in the PC market would require bringing in some mind boggling changes to see growth which is currently in favour of the thin, light and portable devices.

What are various initiatives ASUS has taken over the past 12 months to increase market share in India

We launched products in multiple product segments including ultrabooks, thin & light notebooks and gaming notebook. We strive to offer the best in terms of value and volume to gather maximum traction.

With respect to the reach aspect, we have been quite insistent on strengthening our channels in Tier II and Tier III towns and cities of India and have received a good response for the same. With an all-round focus to reach the masses, we have launched more than 60 exclusive retail stores and intend to take the tally to a 100.

We work towards empowering our distributors and manpower to reach out to a larger target audience on an on-going basis.

We have recently appointed Compuage as our authorised service provider for our wide range of notebook and tablets. Our other service providers are Rashi, Digicom, Neoteric to name a few and Compuage is our national distributor. These service providers are positioned at 60 different locations within 40 km range. They will further facilitate us to redress our reach in smaller cities and towns.

What is the technology differentiator that ASUS brings to the table

Inspiring innovation, persistent perfection (IIPP) is the ASUS brand promise. It symbolises our commitment to making life better through innovation, and the belief that life-changing shifts can only be achieved by keeping ahead of the curve and not resting on past successes. We are the pioneers of the ultrabook segment and also engineered the convertible markets with star products like the ASUS Taichi, Padfone and VivoTab, to name a few.

We at ASUS focus on the mastery of technological innovation and design perfection. With sophisticated craftsmanship and technology, we have launched products that have created their own niche in the market.

What is the product roadmap for ASUS this year

Brands are increasing and so will the innovation in their products which will make the market more diversified and distributed. We will make better use of technology to help transform the market and focus on a better growth and reach in 2013.

What will be your strategy going forward for the India market

ASUS has always believed in innovation and efficiency and we deliver products with excellent quality, reliability and performance.We will continue to make the users life simpler and better by launching innovative products.