"The mindset of any consumer is an enigma"

Written by Banasree Purkayastha | Updated: Feb 26 2013, 09:14am hrs
1 The job: Working at Olympus in India is a challenging job. The mindset of any consumer is an enigma, so to understand it becomes the sole motive, whether the organisation is selling goods or services. My job is no different, but the challenge behind understanding the Indian consumer's psyche is what motivates me. Yet, there are times the job gets monotonous, and that is when one must motivate oneself to push harder, move faster and work better.

2 The weekdays: Since I stay away from home, the day begins at 6:30 am in the morning, with coffee and yoghurt for breakfast, and news from Japan on the internet. Being punctual by nature, I usually end up being the first one in office, by 8:30 am. Office hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and usually all of us try leaving on time. Of late, people have started turning up on time as well, which pleases me no end, since I like being on time. In India, Olympus has a pretty young team with a majority of our staff being young, vibrant and full of energy. This comes through now in the fact that people have started coming in at 9:00 am, which I understand is early by Indian office timing standards. Days are spent in meetings, conference calls and checking and rechecking office mails from Tokyo.

3 The weekend: Indian lifestyle and Indian culture fascinates me. There are often instances when I actually while away time on weekends observing the life of Indians on the streets. I enjoy a good foot spa and like going to shopping malls, this is usually how I spend my weekends.

4 The toys: My iPad is my sole companion in India. Since I stay so far away from home, and that too alone, I try and connect with them over webcam, so that I can feel closer to them. I thus love my iPad and use it to kill time. Everything from checking the news in Japan, to connecting with office mail, to connecting with my family happens at my iPad, which thus becomes a one-stop shop. Technology has pulled the world closer virtually, yet pulled it apart physically.

5 The logos: I like the Apple logo. Being from the technology sector, we understand the importance of a user friendly brand, and Apple has always come across as user friendly. The products are revolutionary and set the tempo for much of the technology industry globally.