The Ganges in Singapore

Updated: Aug 18 2013, 16:19pm hrs
Visitors from India can look forward to discovering the exotic wildlife found in iconic river habitats with the opening of River Safari, located next to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

Singapore never ceases to amaze. Despite the restrictions of being an island, it keeps coming up with new attractions to attract tourists, one of the countrys key revenue sources. The latest addition is the River Safari, which is part of Singapores Wildlife Reserves. The concept involves showcasing animals from freshwater habitats inspired by the worlds iconic rivers, including the Amazon, the Nile and the Ganges, among others. The park has been designed to replicate plant species as well as 300 animal species, among the worlds largest, which can be seen during the safari. Each replica river has been divided into zones. At the Ganges River zone, visitors can catch a sight of rare freshwater fish and reptiles from Indias longest river, including the Indian gharialsone of the worlds longest crocodilesand the goonch catfish, also known as the giant devil catfish. There are other rare species to be seen in the other zones, ranging from the giant river otter, the worlds largest and the first of its kind now in Asia, the giant freshwater stingray and the Mekong giant catfish, similar to the goonch.

The safari itself takes up to four hours and is the first and only river-themed wildlife park in Asia. It is located in the Mandai Nature Reserve and the use of technology helps make the visitor experience as authentic as possible. River Safari also includes galleries and immersive exhibits, including the worlds largest freshwater aquarium. However, the finishing touches are still being conducted so the actual river safari will only be open to visitors in a few weeks from now.