'THE' Diwali fashion statement: Big 'B'

Written by PriceDekho | Updated: Oct 21 2013, 22:21pm hrs
Diwali ShoppingEmeralds and rubies have made a comeback in the form of cocktail rings, pendants and even necklace sets.
Desperately seeking updates on the most recent of fashion jewellery trends that women will flaunt this Diwali Well, look no further, the scoop of Diwali fashion jewellery in 2013 is right here!

First up, 2013 is centered around making bold statements as far as fashion jewellery is concerned. The season will see fashion jewellery trends that stick to three main guidelines, bright, big and bold - big necklaces, big earrings, big cocktail rings, big bracelets, in short, superb bright and bold designs. The intent Make the most incredible fashion statement possible on Diwali. This is not for the faint-hearted, but make sure you don't shy away from the Diwali spotlight.

If you want to back that up with hard, cold logic, then here it is: Gone are the days of minimal jewellery. Designers now guide us to have fun by layering beads, chains, bangles and chokers. Rest assured, you will definitely make your individual fashion statement!

Here are three top choices you can have absolute fun with and no, you just can't go wrong with this line of thought:

Comeback kings get flashy

Yes, it is a fact that hoop or drop earrings are actually making a big comeback during this Diwali. The earrings, are big and are well embellished and are deliberately designed to give a very gaudy appearance, especially due to being seeded liberally by multicolored gems. But, remember, that is the Diwali style this time around loud!

The addition of these gems is this seasons latest trend, as they help in adding up more shine and glam to the jewellery piece.


Emeralds and rubies have made a comeback in the form of cocktail rings, pendants and even necklace sets. These go a long way in enhancing your simple outfit and and serve to complete your evening look.

Keep it simple, stupid (KISS dress)

Make sure you pick that particular outfit which is unembellished, even simple. Push the jewellery and you, of course, into the limelight and the dress as the background. And to make sure the outfit does not look out of place, do not try and mix one piece of jewellery with the other. As the trend this season is big, bold and bright, a single piece of just wow jewellery is quite sufficient to make you look glamorous.

One of the best things regarding this new trend of fashion jewellery this Diwali is that it has the shine and sheen to enrich you even with the most informal outfits. It packs the power to make you stand out in a crowd (definitely in a positive way).

So, don't wait, just jump right in and splurge on good jewellery for that unique, glamorous and outstanding look.

Happy shopping, this Diwali.