Buzz around Apple iPhone 6: Will there be a revolutionary new design

Updated: Jul 21 2014, 14:38pm hrs
Apple, iphone 6Apple has launched the last few iPhones in September, so the heavy betting has always been on September 2014 for iPhone 6?s debut.
Each time Apple readies to release a new iPhone, the Internet, blogs and tech publications come alive with a mix of speculation, rumour and purported leaks. What can be confirmed with some amount of certainty is the launch date: September. Apple has launched the last few iPhones in September, so the heavy betting has always been on September 2014 for iPhone 6s debut.

The reason why there is so much interest in the phone is that it could be one of the most important launches for the company in its historythe last two launches, the iPhone 5S and the 5C, were basically updates on previous models. The next one will be, as per a survey of US consumers, the most anticipated smartphone ever. With the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8 already out, Apple needs to do something spectacular with the new iPhone.

Heres what we can expect, based on what the competition has come out with, and informed hints, such as the announcement of iOS 8: what is certain is that the new phone will have a bigger screen, more powerful camera, it will come with health monitoring aids and much more storage than the iPhone 5C.

Apple has even acknowledged that consumers want a larger screen after an internal slide was revealed in its court battle with Samsung entitled, Consumers want what we dont have. Also, there are images that have hit the Web showing mock-ups of iPhone 6, which include a fingerprint scanner for additional security.

The major talking point, however, is that it will be a revolutionary new design. The screen is expected to be 4.7 inches and the leaked images show rounded edges which merge seamlessly into the chassis. The hot rumour is that this will be an expensive phone because the display is likely to be made out of sapphire crystal and will be unbreakable. Apple has been buying up enough sapphire for it to use the super-hard technology for its new phone. Apple already uses sapphire for its touch ID sensor cover and the camera glass. In fact, an additional feature on iPhone 6 will be Apples new touch ID fingerprint tech.

Given that one of the most common problems customers have with their iPhones is broken screen repair, sapphire makes sense.

Apple even has a patent for an anti-smudge coating that works on sapphire crystal to ensure the surface doesnt get covered in grubby fingerprints. The problem is that the use of sapphire crystal would bump up the cost of the phone and take it out of the reach of many potential buyers.