Telangana: KCR should keep promise of merging TRS with Congress, says Vijayashanthi

Written by Manoj C G | ManojCG | Hyderabad | Updated: Mar 1 2014, 19:31pm hrs
By quitting the TRS and joining the Congress, actor-turned-politician Vijayashanthi tells Manoj C G that she has kept a promise. She says now TRS chief K Chandrasekhara Rao should also keep his promise of merging his party with Cong

Why did you decide to join the Congress

I have been fighting for the cause of Telangana for the past 15 years. I have been fighting within Parliament and had even stalled the House. We had said that we will have no problem joining the Congress if it gives Telangana. They have given Telangana now. They have kept the word and I have also kept my word.

But the TRS also played a key role in formation of the new state. So why join the Congress

They had suspended me for reasons not known to me. In fact, there was no reason. I have been working sincerely for the party. It may be because of insecurity. Because I am senior in a way. The TRS was formed in 2001. I have been fighting for Telangana since 1998. All these years, I had sacrificed a lot, did not accept anything which came my way in life singularly focused on Telangana. It was only in 2009 that I agreed to fight Lok Sabha elections.

There were reports that the TRS chief wanted to contest from Medak and he wanted you to move to Mehboobnagar. Is that the reason for the rift between you and him

There was little bit of discussion on him contesting from Medak. I said I will contest from Medak because I have worked hard there. People came to realise that despite being a celebrity I am sincerely working. They have great affection towards me. Why should I change the constituency So that was the discussion.

But what if the TRS chief contests from there this time

If he wants to contest I am ready to fight him.

What if there is an alliance between the Congress and TRS or a merger and KCR wants that seat

I am in Congress now. The Congress will take a decision. I can only say that the people of Medak are with me and they want me.

Now that you have joined the Congress, do you think the TRS should also merge with the Congress

The TRS has been saying that they will merge and I think they should do that now. The Congress has kept its word. The TRS chief should also keep his word. But I dont know what decision they are going to take.

But the merger has not happened so far

I dont know the exact details of the discussions. Apparently they have a lot of demands. They have high demands. What the Congress is going to accept we will have to wait and see. I dont think the Congress will accept too many high demands.

What are these high demands Does that include chief ministerial post for KCR

I think so. That is what I have heard.

But what if the TRS does not merge with the Congress. Will it affect the Congresss prospects in Telangana

We will strengthen our party in Telangana. Definitely people are looking to vote for the Congress. It is their (TRS) decision. I dont think the Congress will be keen for an alliance with the TRS because they had talked about merger. We will have to wait and see what KCR decides.

But if the TRS decides against merger, the Congress will have to agree for an alliance.

TRS is for Telangana. Fine, very good. But it is the Congress which delivered. He (KCR) has to come to the Congress. There is no other option.

Has the Congress offered you any post

I cannot reveal the internal matters. I think you will get to know when it happens.