TCS Gets A Peep Into Employee Minds

Mumbai | Updated: Jun 1 2004, 05:30am hrs
PEEPthats the latest buzzword in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) corridors. In a bid to strengthen its communication processes, the software major has introduced a new HR practice called Proactive Employee Engagement Program (PEEP).

Prior to this, the company introduced yet another HR initiative titled PROPEL a global associate engagement program initiated by Tao Consultants. And to popularise these two initiatives at TCS, the company has put up colourful banners and fliers to catch the attention of its employees.

What exactly is PEEP all about These are individual employee meetings across functions and grades. In this programme, associates get to talk directly one-on-one with the senior management.

It is not the impersonal e-mail or memo, or the public nature of an open-house session. There is no specific agenda for these meetings. If they have a suggestion that they want to share, an opinion to express, a problem that they want advice on but never got that face-to-face opportunity, this is the forum for that, explains the companys official spokesperson.

In essence, the aim of PEEP is to provide employees a platform to voice their problems. As for reporting heads, its a platform to get to know their team members as well. Employees can talk one-on-one with the senior management at TCS. Associates can have their own sessions with the management and get to know the managements perspective on things, adds Ms Chaudhary.

Interestingly, these one-to-one meetings can be conducted by any of the following cadre namely CEO, EVPs, VPs, regional managers, business RMs, HR heads, delivery centre heads, practice heads and group leaders.

As a first step, before the meeting, the senior management person the employee will be talking to is given a brief background on the employees function, grade, years of services, places travelled, achievements and hobbies so that the associate and the senior manager do not waste time getting to know each other.

And to ensure that these interactions have the desired results, the partner uses a feedback form where he/she records the suggestions, comments, problems, solutionsin short, a sort of minutes of the meeting.

As for its other HR initiative PROPEL, the objective behind the introduction of this practice is to promote the culture of share-care-grow at TCS. Employees issues and ideas are discussed in this forum and people take ownership in promoting their ideas and resolving issues at their level itself. This helps the organisation in creating the ownership culture and improves retention and sourcing.

Incidentally, this people engagement movement covers all associates across TCS. Further, camps and confluences are conducted for problem-solving, discovery of new ideas, dialogue, reflection and plain fun. PROPEL stands for Professional excellence, Role enhancement, Ownership culture, Personal growth, Employee involvement and Learning.

PROPEL is championed by TCS associates, project leaders and group leaders from across functions. And these associates are exposed to personality feedback instruments.

But hows PROPEL propagated across TCS By means of two types of eventsConfluences and Camps.

* A Confluence is a space and forum for sharing and listening. Normally the duration of Confluence is 3 to 4 hours. It is conducted by two or more propellers, where maximum 40 associates from different functions/groups get together to explore, discuss, reflect and share their views on a particular theme. Sharing, fostering friendliness and role-taking is the agenda for a Confluence.

* Camp: A Camp is a forum for improvement nitiatives on specific Voice of Associate themes.