Tata Communications jamvee Unified Communications platform opens up video conferencing like never before

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | New Delhi | Updated: Jun 18 2014, 19:45pm hrs
The latest version of jamvee, the generation Unified Communications platform from Tata Communications, wants to change intercompany an intra-company meetings by bringing

audio, web and video meetings on a single platform. Built on Tata Communications global tier 1 network, jamvee aims to be device and platform agnostic. So a company head sitting in front of a top of the line video conferencing facility can speak to an employee on the field who is calling from a smartphone.

While there are other companies like BlueJeans offering similar services, jamvee promises to be fail-proof and better than any free service. Jamvee provides a tremendous amount of interoperability within the organisation and outside, even when everyone is not using your client of choice. They can now participate from any type of device, Anthony Bartolo, SVP, Unified Communications and Collaboration, Tata Communications told IndianExpress.com.

Jamvee will be a whitelabel product so that it can be customised according to the requirements of clients. We provide open APIs so that you can deeply integrate within your existing legacy systems, said Bartolo.

In addition to traditional video conferencing or telepresence, the company said participants joining virtual meetings from their enterprise soft clients can leverage jamvees full audio, video, chat and content sharing capabilities, enabling creativity, better cross-enterprise team collaboration, and better productivity. They can also join through the browser, with a quick plug-in solution.

By providing an open and fully customisable foundation for future Unified Communications to be added, companies can realise the full growth potential of Unified Communications quicker and easier than ever Unified Communications on your terms, said John Hayduk, President and CTO, Tata Communications in a release.

But the pricing of video conferencing solutions can be a put off for small and medium industries. We have been engaging with clients for long and hope to address pricing from these learnings, said Bartolo. He said there will be multiple pricing packages including pay per minute and pay per host. It is up to the client to pick the model that suits them. It is as open a pricing scheme as possible.

Tata Communications worked with technology partners like Acano and Synergy SKY to develop the new jamvee Unified Communications platform which now includes an always-on collaborative workspace where virtual teams can meet, share documents and show video in real-time.