Supersize, Or Perish

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Jun 25 2014, 07:38am hrs
For quite a while now, Google has been on its way to become the wired worlds first conglomerate. While the tech giant started with online search, it has since put many successful products on its shelvesfrom e-mail to mobile OS, from streaming to high-speed broadband to future technologies like driverless cars and wearables. When in-house development thinned, it took the acquisition and venture funding routethink Nest, Dropcam for smart homes; Planetary Resources Inc for asteroid mining. So, the company starting its domain-name business only makes it clear that no virtual-world business is too small for the making of this mammoth. Google Domains, a small private beta for domain registration, is the latest offering from the company. Google had steered clear so far of the low-margin domain name business, instead pointing interested users to partner businesses like GoDaddy for such services. But that was then, before Domains.

For the erstwhile partners, now competitors, this is definitely not good news. Apart from a slew of perks such as free support for up to 100 sub-domains, etc, Google offers users seeking their own virtual estate is a free, full integration of domains with other Google productsit is starting with gmail for now. A business model like this, that doesnt leave any service un-offered, is probably what the future of tech business is like. Given the pace of technology responding to demands which, in turn, morph with available technology, a company cant rest on the success of just one product.