Study and work in UK: 'No cap' on Indians, says PM David Cameron

Written by ANI | London | Updated: Feb 14 2013, 21:36pm hrs
David CamronIndians will be welcomed in UK like never before, says UK PM David Cameron. (Reuters)
Indians will be welcomed in UK for study and work and that there is 'no limit' on the number who can come, UK PM David Cameron said.

Camaron will next week visit India to tell prospective students that Britain will be "incredibly welcoming" to them if they come to this country to study and work.

According to the Telegraph, he will use his trip to try to persuade more Indians to come to Britain.

In an interview with India's Sunrise TV before his trip, Cameron said he wanted to make sure that Indians are not put off coming to the UK.

Official figures earlier this year showed that the number of Indians studying at British universities fell by a quarter last year, to 30,000.

According to the paper, the Coalition has set an annual cap on the number of non-Europeans who can come to work in the UK, and the Conservatives have promised to reduce net immigration to "tens of thousands" by the end of the Parliament.

Although there are annual limits on various groups of workers who are allowed into the UK, a change in the cap made last year means that there is no ceiling on the number of foreign graduates of British universities who can work here.

According to the Home Office, only foreign graduates earning at least 20,000 pounds are permitted to stay in the UK.