Stroll through Goa's fascinating flea markets

Mumbai | Updated: Jun 5 2014, 00:11am hrs
MarketShopping is one of the major attractions of the tourism industry
Shopping is one of the major attractions of the tourism industry. With its unique flea markets, Goa becomes one of the major tourist hotspots of India. The flea market of Goa traces its origin back to the 1960s when the Western 'hippies' first arrived here. After having run out of money but not wanting to leave so soon, they were looking to earn some cash. So, they gathered at Anjuna beach to sell and barter clothes, guitars, jewellery and anything else they had.

Today however, a number of sellers in these flea markets come from different parts of the country.

Their assortment of Indian handicrafts makes it seem like India itself has condensed into these weekly markets. Speaking exclusively to Financial Express Online, Nikhil Desai, director, department of tourism, Government of Goa, said, Flea markets offers anything and everything from jewellery, apparel, spices, food, souvenirs and much more. It is unique and way different from the local market.

Goa Tourism takes all efforts to promote such attractions in interest of tourists visiting the state. We promote flea markets as a must visit attractions at all our domestic and international road shows. We also promote flea markets in social media, website and brochures.

Speaking about the role of flea market in the Goa economy, Desai commented, Tourists love shopping during their vacation and flea markets are certainly a large draw to attract tourists. Not only this, the locals as well as foreigners benefit from these markets by earning through, selling various products at these markets. On the whole, the entire economy benefits from this.

Here's a list of the fascinating flea markets of Goa;

Anjuna flea market

A sandy stretch at Dando Vaddo, overlooking the Arabian sea, is where the Anjuna flea market has been taking place from dawn to dusk every Wednesday between the months of September and March.

The market is famous for its Tibetan art collection as well as the professional European hairdressers, tattoo artists, body painters etc. To beat the traffic you could take a boat trip from Baga to the market.

Ingo's Saturday night bazaar

From November to March, the grounds of Arpora come to life every Saturday evening. Started in the 1970s by a German resident named Ingo, The Saturday night bazaar begins at 6 PM and goes on till midnight. It's popularity was affiliated to the live music and dancing held in the central area of the market. The market is famous for its food stalls offering international delicacies as well as its comedians, belly dancers, and tarot card readers.

Friday bazaar at Mapusa

Held on Friday, from 8 AM to 6:30 PM, here you can find a variety of goods ranging from antiques, Goan pottery and handicrafts to food items such as dried fish, and the renowned 'chouricos' (local sausages). The popularity of this Market is often pegged to an ancient festival celebrated at the Bodgeshwar Temple at Mapusa in honour of Kanakeshwar Baba.

Mackie's night bazaar

Baga, a seaside town of Bardez hosts the Mackie's Night Bazaar at the riverside location every Saturday from November to April. Decorated with paper lanterns and lamps, surrounded by live music, Mackie's Night Bazaar functions from 6 PM to midnight. The Bazaar is popular for its oriental artisan work and handicrafts.

Few night markets like The Saturday night market, Mackie's go on till about midnight. The Goa Police is vigilant and keep patrolling the markets during the odd hours to avoid any illegal activities or problems occurring in the vicinity, concluded Desai.

Srishti Kadu