State Women Commission, leaders condemn Shiv Sena over 'Saamna' editorial

Written by PTI | Mumbai | Updated: Aug 3 2014, 03:44am hrs
Maharashtra State Women's Commission reacting strongly to Shiv Sena's statements in its mouthpiece Saamna backing senior IPS officer Sunil Paraskar accused of rape of a Mumbai model, today said the "tainted officer must be arrested immediately."

"I completely condemn the statement made by the party backing the police officer. For a common woman to go to a police station and file a complaint against a person in authority is difficult. This officer should have been arrested long back. I will talk to the Commissioner of Police tomorrow and demand for his arrest," Susieben Shah, Chairperson of Maharashtra State Women's Commission, said.

She added that the article reflects the mindset of the Sena leaders.

"The statement from the Sena shows the mindset of their leaders. The power of women will show them in the upcoming elections as to where they said," she added.

Meanwhile, political parties across the spectrum condemned the remarks made by the party.

"It takes a woman a lot of guts to register a complaint, especially if she has been molested or raped and to suggest that she does it 'as a fashion', the statement is ridiculous. It is clearly something that I condemn," BJP spokesperson Shaina NC said.

Congress leader and former MP Sanjay Nirupam said that making remarks on a sensitive subject like this is wrong.

"The law should be allowed to take its own course. No one is above the law. Political parties and newspapers should not interfere with the law process," he said.

The NCP alleged that the Sena is famous for taking stands "against the interest of women".

"This is the kind of culture Shiv Sena follows. Earlier, they had opposed the talks of giving reservation to women. Shiv Sena is famous for taking stands against the interest of women. Law should decide whether he is guilty or not. But giving him a clean chit shows that they are not serious towards such crimes," NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik said.