to hold online maths contest for school students

Updated: Feb 22 2014, 01:57am hrs, a digital education solutions company has announced Maths Proficiency Test (MPT) for students of 6-10th standards at the national level.

MPT, an online maths contest, is a proficiency test based on cutting edge automated testing methodology and covers maths topics at great depth.

The test has been designed to give parents and teachers in-depth understanding of each students strengths and weaknesses, actionable insights into areas of improvement and visible clarity on progress achieved.

The key features of this online tool are instant real-time scoring and ranking, detailed performance reports and suggestions for improvements to parents by emails, SMS alerts on targets and progress, preparatory worksheets with detailed solutions and awesome rewards for top rankers.

The contest is being held separately for each class. Students of each class will compete with students from across the country belonging to the same class.

The topics for the contest are based on NCERT CBSE curriculum. The contest is open till May 31, 2014 and students can sign up anytime before the end date and participate in the contest. The results will be declared formally by June 2014.