Sholay-Bullets of Justice: Return of the heroes

Written by Priya Adivarekar | Updated: Jan 24 2014, 21:05pm hrs
Sholay gamesTitled Sholay: Bullets of Justice, this side scroller finite level based game is developed by Gameshastra and Hungama.
Imagine getting a chance to relive some of the most popular scenes from Sholay and that too as Jai or Veeru. Sounds interesting, right With Sholay making a comeback in 3D format at cinema halls last fortnight, the makers launched a free gaming application as part of the films promotion. Titled Sholay: Bullets of Justice, this side scroller finite level based game is developed by Gameshastra and Hungama.

The player can choose between two characters, Jai and Veeru, to play in different destinations like Ramgarh station, village, and Gabbars hideout among others. The first level begins at the station, after which the player has to unlock 11other levels which gets tougher with every passing stage.

The game opens with a popular scene in a comic strip avatar, where Thakur Baldev Singh, Jai and Veeru are sitting in a goods train, carrying coal. If you are familiar with the films setting, you can choose to skip the scenes. But for those who cant get enough of the drama, we suggest you go ahead and flip through this interesting presentation. Once done, the game begins where your character stands atop a speeding goods train. Be ready to focus on the right scroll and continue hitting it to keep moving ahead; while collecting power ups and saving your character from all the obstacles on the way. Stay alert, because Gabbars goons will keep coming your way with different weapons including knives, hand grenades, revolvers and more.

You can fight them out with a punch or kick and while running, you can hit the jump (and double jump) tab to move from one bogie to another. The player also has the option of buying additional weapons to kill these dangerous dacoits. The add - ons can be purchased from the store in exchange of coins earned during the game. As you complete one level, the next unlocks and the chain continues.

The character artists have done a fantastic job with recreating players in the form of Jai or Veeru. The destinations

are well designed and the game did not have too many glitches or advertisements either. The developers definitely deserve a pat on their back for not making the animation look too tacky, as is the case with several free games. The game lags in music, which could have been much better; the inclusion of the Sholay theme music could have helped. But overall, this is a real treat for all the Sholay fans and for those who like playing a decent, free game on the move.