SHOCKER in Bangalore: Watch video of woman attacked brutally in ATM robbery case

Written by FE Online | New Delhi | Updated: Nov 23 2013, 21:15pm hrs
Bangalore woman attackedA 44-year-old woman bank manager was attacked at an ATM in the heart of Bangalore city and was robbed and left bleed for hours at an ATM. (CCTV video grab)
A 44-year-old woman bank manager found herself at the centre of an ATM attack in the heart of Bangalore Tuesday by a man wielding what appears like a toy gun and a machete. She was robbed of her valuables and left unconscious and bleeding for nearly three hours without anyone actually being aware of her plight.

Here is a video footage from the CCTV camera inside the Bangalore ATM facility showing a young man entering the ATM at 7.09 AM just behind the victim.

The violent robbery took place at the Corporation Bank ATM at NR Square near the city corporation headquarters shortly after 7 am. The victim, Jyothi Uday, is a resident of Rajarajeshwari Nagar and the manager of Corporation Banks service branch on Mission Road, a short distance from the ATM where she was attacked.

He pulls the shutter down from inside, trapping Uday inside and proceeds to threaten her with what appears like a toy pistol he is carrying in a cloth bag. After brandishing it for a while, he pulls out a machete from the bag and threatens her, pushing her into a corner.

When Uday refuses to comply with his demand to withdraw money, the attacker delivers blows on her head with the machete, leaving her bleeding and unconscious in a corner.

The attacker then goes through her bag and grabs her wallet, mobile phone and ATM card before leaving the ATM facility at 7.14 AM - pulling the shutter down behind him.

Uday was discovered around 10.30 am by bank officials who arrived and lifted the shutters, SJ Park police said. After regaining consciousness in hospital, Uday told police that the man hit her after she refused to withdraw money for him from the ATM.

ATM attack victim recovering, hunt intensified for attacker

The Banglore woman, brutally attacked by an armed man at an unguarded ATM kiosk here, is recovering at a hospital today after being paralysed on her right side, even as the police intensified their hunt for the assailant whose gory act caught on cctv footage evoked widespread revulsion.

The 38-year-old bank official who was attacked with a machete was recovering from a "long surgery" and she was able to speak, Dr N K Venkataramana, who performed the operation at the BGS Global Hospital, told reporters here.

He said her skull was fractured and a small piece of bone had gone into the brain, causing a "penetrating injury" and added that she had been paralysed on her right side.

"We have taken all precautions and are closely monitoring her condition. Hope everything will go well... she is able to speak", the doctor said. There was no danger to her life now, he said.

Police Commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar, who visited the victim, said she was recovering and speaking.

He said police officials were being sent to different districts and states to track down the assailant, "who cannot be a first timer".

Auradkar said police had two rounds of meetings with banks on the issue of security at ATM booths earlier and given strict guidelines to them.

In a gruesome attack at the ATM kiosk near a police station in the heart of the city, the woman was repeatedly hit with the machete by the assailant, leaving her in a pool of blood for nearly three hours before the incident came to light when two school children saw blood stains and informed a policeman who shifted her to hospital.

The assailant had attacked her after entering the ATM booth closely following her and downing the rolling shutter when she refused to draw money and hand it over to him, police said.

After the attack, caught on cctv, he had walked out of the kiosk downing the shutter and taking away her mobile phone, leaving the bleeding woman in a serious condition.