Sex drives Maria Sharapova, says addicted to having many lovers

Written by ANI | Updated: Feb 15 2013, 19:08pm hrs
Maria SharapovaMaria Sharapova says life too short not to have many lovers. (Reuters)
Maria Sharapova's sex drive may match the best in the business, from Michael Douglas, Tiger Woods, David Duchovny, Kanye West, Russel Brand to John F Kennedy!

Maria sounded like the most prolific romantic of all the female tennis players by suggesting that she had many lovers on Valentine's Day.

The highest paid female athlete in the world hinted - perhaps tongue in cheek - that she might also have the highest sex drive.

True or not, her reply, which created a minor sensation, outdid that of all the other players at the Qatar Open on Thursday.

When asked if she was celebrating Valentine's Day with the one she loved, Sharapova replied saying, "Well, I'm in Doha, so my team consists of my coach and my trainer, and my hitter and my physio. I don't have a love relationship with either one of them, so..." and she tailed off amidst laughter.

She then admitted that she had received "many" messages, adding: "I'm very lucky," the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

But when asked if she had many lovers, Sharapova, who split with fiance Sasha Vujacic, a former NBA player last year, brazened the question away.

"Maybe," she said. "Why not, right Life's too short."