Robots, space and virtual reality is future of travel: Reports

Written by FE Online | Mumbai | Updated: Apr 15 2014, 21:04pm hrs
TravelGlobal travel site Skyscanner has released the first section of its ?Future of Travel 2024? report. Reuters
A decade from today, all travellers will have at their disposal a startling array of next-gen digital technologies to seamlessly and intuitively discover, plan and book their next journey. Global travel site Skyscanner has released the first section of its Future of Travel 2024 report highlighting technologies that will make sci-fi travel a reality.

Released in collaboration with The Future Laboratory, a UK based consultancy that forecasts trend and innovations, the report focusses on three distinct travel sections planning and booking, the journey and destinations and hotels. The first section of the report looks at how planning and booking of travel is all set to change in the next 10 years. It introduces the readers to a virtual companion The Digital Travel Buddy which uses artificial intelligence to accurately suggest and book suitable trips for the traveller of the millennium. It further forecasts that virtual reality will offer holidaymakers the opportunity to try before they buy allowing them to see the sights, hear the sounds, and even feel the landscape of a destination.

Commenting on the report Kavitha Gnanamurthy, senior marketing manager India, Skyscanner said, Trying to predict the future of travel is fascinating. With so many emerging technologies it is mind-boggling to imagine just what their impact on travel could be. This report is a great sneak peek into the future and Skyscanners view of what we think holidaymakers are likely to experience over the next 10 years.

The Future of Travel report is the result of in-depth research and a series of interviews with experts from tech companies, travel futurologists, Skyscanners co-founder and CEO Gareth, CTO Alistair Hann and head of B2B Filip Filipov.

Filipov said, The travel industry has evolved a great deal over the last 10 years since Skyscanner was established. Gareth, our CEO, had the vision to predict the demand for a travel metasearch site and as a company we are constantly evolving our product offering to adapt to consumer demand and the growth of emerging technologies.

The future, according to Skyscanner, will see wearable technology evolving from the recently launched Google Glass to a mobile device so small that it will fit into a contact lens and can provide immediate translation, breaking down language barriers and the need to learn the holiday lingo. The report details the various wearable technologies on offer from Google, Samsung, Sony and Apple and their potential evolution to become our indispensable Digital Travel Buddies.