Road less taken: A journey with the new Tata Safari

Updated: Jun 17 2014, 22:38pm hrs
SafariThe music campaign has been made by compiling the videos, tweets and pictures received via Twitter.
A video campaign, by the people, of the people and for the people seems to be the mantra adopted by Culture Machine a digital video entertainment company and Tata Safari to create the magic of unforgettable road journeys for their campaign- #SafariTrails. The music campaign which is completely crowd sourced has been made by compiling the videos, tweets and pictures received via Twitter from off-road adventure lovers and Safari aficionados across the country which makes this an absolute intimate initiative.

The hypnotizing music for the video has been composed along with Vasuda Sharma, Gaurav Dagaonkar & Sidd Coutto and entails the Safari trails TVC tune as well. The video has been created with an aim to celebrate the unquenchable thirst for exploration by combining it with alternative, free-spirited indie music. The objective of the campaign is to ignite a fiery character in its consumers that will catapult terrain experiences to a whole new level.

Siddharth Narula, President, Revenue, Culture Machine said on the launch of the video, With every iota of creativity these days being pooled into digital platforms it is no surprise that brands are looking at holistic digital video campaigns to center their digital strategy around creating engaging experiences for its clients. Keeping this in mind, Tata Safari has partnered with Culture Machine on this video.

For the explorer in every individual, the video highlights captivating visuals of exotic locations, sourced from consumers via Twitter. The music aligns with these over-powering scenic escapades to showcase a powerful experience which solidifies the brands philosophy of- it's their song, on their day, their way. Culture Machine has experimented with different avenues of storytelling for #SafariTrails by combining videos and pictures with lyrical couplets. The ultimate purpose achieved through this video is a celebration of life through a myriad of travel experiences of Tata Safari fans that will earmark a new beginning in the era of digital video consumption.