Rahul Gandhi takes on Narendra Modi over rule style

Written by PTI | New Delhi | Updated: Jan 15 2014, 19:59pm hrs
Rahul Gandhi today said that personality-oriented rule is "not in national interest", in the process deriding the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) campaign to make Narendra Modi as the next PM.

"Government should not be run on the whims and fancies of a particular person. The future of 120 crore people can be shaped up and improved only by taking everybody along", Rahul Gandhi said in an interview to Hindi daily 'Dainik Bhaskar'.

He prefaced his remarks by saying, "BJP today wants a personality-oriented rule, which is not in the national interest".

Rahul Gandhi was asked about the BJP campaign for a "Congress-free India" and how he sees the popularity of Modi, who is the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP.

Slamming the BJP for its "Congress-free India" pitch, he said, "Congress is in the DNA of this country."

"BJP is talking of a Congress-free India. It does not understand thatCongress alone is the political power, which has kept people of this country united," he said.

"We are a democratic organisation...The people of India will decide through their elected representatives, who will be the Prime Minister of the country. It is necessary for Congress to come to power in the interests of the nation and for that whatever responsibility the organisation has given me or will give me, I will carry out that with full dedication," Rahul Gandhi said in reply to a question.