Rahul Gandhi hits out at Narendra Modi's links to Adani group

Written by PTI | Hingoli (Maharashtra) | Updated: Apr 16 2014, 03:15am hrs
RahulRahul Gandhi attacks Narendra Modi: Earlier there used to be Advaniji. If you remove 'v' from Advani, it will become Adani. PTI
Vajpayee-Advani partnership has been replaced by Modi-Adani one, Rahul Gandhi said today, taking a jibe at Gujarat Chief Minister and his alleged favours to the Adani group.

Addressing a rally here, he said Modi had given land equal to the size of Aurangabad in Maharashtra to Adani just for Rs 300 crore at the rate of Re one per square metre.

"Today there is 'raj' (rule) of Adaniji (in Gujarat). Earlier, there used to be (Atal Bihari) Vajpayeeji-(L K) Advaniji partnership. Now there is (Narendra) Modiji and (Gautam) Adaniji partnership. And that is a 'toffee model'," the Congress Vice President said, attacking the Gujarat Chief Minister.

"Earlier there used to be Advaniji. If you remove 'v' from Advani, it will become Adani," he said.

Explaining why he was calling Gujarat's model as 'toffee model', Rahul said, "In Gujarat, Adaniji is given land at the rate of Re one per square metre. For Re one, you get a toffee. This is why I say it is not Gujarat model but 'toffee model' of development."

His reiteration of 'toffee model' barb came on a day Modi took a jibe at him for such comments.

Rahul alleged that while 40 lakh people in Gujarat were below poverty line and suffering, Modi was extending benefits to few industrialists like Adani.

"Modiji, the leader of 'toffee' model, has given 45,000 acres of land to one industrialist. It is of the size of Aurangabad. Do you know for how much money it was given Rs 300 crore. The whole Aurangabad was sold for Rs 300 crore," he charged.

He talked about the Congress' plans for development, including creation of industrial corridors, in the country.

Rahul said that Congress is committed towards ensuring housing facilities for all and pension for senior citizens.

He said the UPA government has pulled 15 crore people out of poverty while it has an ambitious programme to bring 70 crore people to middle class category.

"These people are mostly bus and taxi drivers, rickshaw pullers, vegetable vendors, plumbers and small farmers. These people are above BPL and lower than middle class. We want to bring them to the middle class," he said.

Rahul also said that there will be a manufacturing corridor which will help generating jobs for crores of people.