Powering the future through mobility & cloud

Updated: Dec 10 2012, 09:29am hrs
Rakesh Singh

We have heard the phrase the world has become a smaller place. Physical distances among people are becoming irrelevant to accomplishing things that could only be previously achieved in person. There are two key trends driving this phenomenonthe rise of mobile workstyles and the move from the PC era to the cloud era.

As a technology leader that helps enterprises become more mobile and enables them to move seamlessly to the cloud, we at Citrix envision a world where people can work and play from anywhere. We call it productivity with mobility. The key requirements for a mobile workplace are that employees should get access to all applications and data as they would get when in office. And collaboration among team members should be as easy and seamless as being in a boardroom. Citrix makes it possible through a suite of solutions that enable users to work and collaborate from anywhere, any time and any device.

While remote working and cloud computing may seem alien to some, both are a reality that the team in the Citrix India R&D Centre experience day in and day out. This Centre takes the lead role in the development of Citrixs cloud networking products, making major contributions in all key areas from idea conception and product development to customer delivery and support. This includes teams across both engineering and product management. Through our progressive HR policies that actively promote bring your own device (BYOD) and workshifting, our employees get to experience the power of the cloud first-hand. When one of our employees recently needed to be at home to care for an elderly relative, she was able to perform her professional duties from home while having the peace of mind of being there for her family.

An important aspect of our comprehensive product development is the presence of senior product management teams that work closely with customers, field force, and engineering and support teams. When a product is developed, there are various factors that influence it. How is the product going to fit in with the overall portfolio How is it going to enable the mobility and cloud vision that Citrix has What features it must have to ensure that it solves major customer challenges What revenue impact will it have How will it be delivered to customers The product management teams answer these questions and ensure that all existing and new products evolve in a unified direction to fulfil the companys vision.

Our expertise in producing industry-leading products has been made possible by our team of highly talented professionals. Solid research and development experience in technologies like networking, virtualisation, web and security and an analytical mind are the main attributes of individuals that make up the Citrix family. And these are the attributes that we look for when we grow our R&D teams. For product management, we look for technology evangelists who have the ability to balance the business and technical aspects of doing business.

A chance to work on futuristic and cutting-edge technologies and the feeling of satisfaction from being at the centre of the next major IT revolution attracts the best talent to Citrix.

The author is VP and GM, Citrix India