Power to the People

Written by Banasree Purkayastha | Updated: Feb 5 2013, 10:53am hrs
Campaign name: Havells Bijli Man

Brand: Havells

Company: Havells India Ltd

Agency: Lowe Lintas

The Campaign

The film revolves around a god-man (baba) in a flowing white gown who is struck by lightning on a dark, stormy night and thereby acquires a magical power of creating electricity. He can power every electrical gadget that comes his way. As he walks through a dark road, the streetlights come alight. He twitches his fingers and an electric sub-station revs back to life. Soon there are hundreds of men and women following him astounded by his electricity making skills. The voice-over cuts into this magical scene to say, "Kaash bijli baba har jagah aa sakte. Tab tak use Havells. Save bijli, please baba" (If only bijli baba could visit everywhere. Till then use Havells to save electricity and get the baba's blessings). The ad ends with a shot of various Havells product with the tagline: Committed to saving energy.

Our Take

There's many an ad that talks about energy saving in a moralistic tone thus forcing the viewer to switch off (pun intended). This Havells ad breaks away from that with its 1000-watt bright story. With a dash of its characteristic quirky flavour, this Havells commercial uses a preacher to spread the message but without any preaching.

Havells had earlier come out with the hangman ad to promote its energy-saving CFL bulbs. If that ad used dark humour to get the viewer's attention, this ad pulls a smart but subtle one to get the message across. For a country that is plagued by power outages summer or winter, the advent of somebody who can create electricity out of thin air is like having your wildest dreams coming true. And that is something only a god-man can conjure up. The use of the god-man, therefore, is certainly intelligent given our penchant for god-men and their ability to bless their followers with infinite power. While power-saving feature is a must-have for every electrical product today not too many brands talk about it in an entertaining or thought-provoking way. Therefore, Havells' tongue-in-cheek humour helps the ad to break the clutter and makes the brand stand out.

Ratings ***